English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Sold Puppies:

An ideal English Bulldog must be of mid range height and smooth coat, with a heavy, thick, low slung body.  The breed ideal is a massive broad faced head, wide shoulders, and sturdy limbs.  The chest should be wide and full. A typical English Bulldog should weigh between 40-55 pounds. The skin should be loose, especially at the neck, head and shoulders.  The head and face should be covered with heavy wrinkles, and tail should be corkscrew.  The jaw should be undershot.

English Bulldogs are laid back, and make great family pets. Your best chance at finding a friendly puppy is to find a pup from a breeder who has socialized the puppy, either with children, or other animals. Pennsylvania is known for it's quality English Bulldog breeders. Click here for more information on the English Bulldog breed.