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What to Look For When Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Dog

Black Boston Terrier puppy with white markings, an orange collar, and a teddy bear toy that is half the puppy's size sits on someone's lap.

You don’t want to wait to find a vet until your pet needs one. If you know you are going to adopt or buy a puppy, start researching local animal clinics before bringing your new furry friend home. Read on to learn what qualities to look for in a veterinarian and save our list of local animal clinics and hospitals to check out in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania!

Keeping Your Dog Safe In & Around Pools

Brown Labrador Retriever looks up and smiles while standing next to an in ground pool.

Lots of dogs enjoy swimming and playing in pools with their owners. If you have a dog that loves to cannonball in the pool with you, you might be wondering if it’s okay for your dog to be paddling away by your side. While there are measures you need to take to keep your dog safe while swimming, the effort is well worth it to ensure your dog is protected and comfortable before, during, and after splashing around in the pool.

2022 Guide to Creating a Whelping Box

4 newborn puppies, 2 white, 1 brown and black, and 1 rust and black, lay on top of each other on a bed.

Creating a whelping box for your pregnant dog provides her with a clean, safe place to have her puppies. It’s recommended to have the box and room set up before your dog goes into labor. Similarly, you should introduce your pregnant dog to the whelping box a few weeks, but no later than 5 days, before her due date so she has time to become accustomed to it. This whelping box guide covers the various aspects of preparing a whelping area for your pregnant dog and her litter.

A Guide to Recognizing & Preventing Canine Parvovirus

Tan French Bulldog puppy sits on an examine table at the vet's office.

Canine parvovirus, also referred to as parvo, is a highly contagious and life-threatening virus that affects the gastrointestinal systems of dogs. If you spend a lot of time around dogs and puppies, chances are you’ve heard about this devastating virus. While there’s currently no cure for dogs who contract parvo, there are treatment methods that can help. Staying informed and taking preventive measures to keep your pups healthy and safe from parvo is one of the best decisions you can make for your dogs.

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorms

English Cocker Spaniel stares at camera while lying in bed under a blanket.

Many dog owners know the signs. The sky begins to darken and along with it your dog starts pacing, panting, and whining. Fear of thunderstorms is very common among dogs, but this doesn’t make it any less distressing to pups and their owners.

How to Choose the Right Dog Food

Bowl of dog food on hardwood floor

Choosing the right dog food for your new dog is an important decision, and one that many people overlook. Many new dog owners assume that dogs are fine with any type or brand of dog food but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Choosing the right dog food plays a huge role in your new pup’s health and happiness, and in this blog post we will help you choose which is best for your new dog .

Flea and Tick Collars: Do They Really Work?

Profile of an adult yellow labrador retriever

Flea and tick prevention is one of the most important things that all pet parents should consider. These pesky parasites can be a headache for both you and your pet, so prevention is key. Flea and tick collars are just one of the options that dog owners have, but some people question whether or not they really work. Keep reading for an overview of flea and tick collars, how they work, and how to decide if they are right for your pooch.

Five Examples of Healthy Supplements and Extra Nutrition for Dogs

Man holding oil extract with dog

When it comes to the health of the average pet in the United States, you might assume that it is more likely one’s pet has health insurance than their human owner! This is not technically the case, but there are certainly less drastic steps you can take to benefit the health of your pets in addition to more pricey solutions. 

Chocolate and Beyond: 10 Foods Dogs Shouldn't Eat

black and white dog in front of crackers

We love our dogs, and sometimes it’s hard to resist giving them a scrap of our dinner after they give us the big, cute begging eyes. However, there are a lot of foods we eat that dogs simply can’t. 

Many people feed dogs human food like cooked eggs and lean meat that are high in protein, which can actually be quite good for dogs to eat, but some food that is healthy for humans can be toxic for dogs. Take a look at some well-known, and some not as well-known, foods that are toxic to dogs.

The Evolution of Dogs: From Wolf to Man’s Best Friend

wolf howling

The origin story that explains how dogs became our loveable, domesticated pets is one that is still heavily debated in the science community. While it is understood that dogs came from wolves, there is not a clear answer as to what major events occurred in the past that ultimately led to the domestication of dogs. However, there are several credible theories out there that could help explain their evolution.

Take a look at some information below on how dogs evolved into man’s best friend.

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