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How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorms

English Cocker Spaniel stares at camera while lying in bed under a blanket.

Many dog owners know the signs. The sky begins to darken and along with it your dog starts pacing, panting, and whining. Fear of thunderstorms is very common among dogs, but this doesn’t make it any less distressing to pups and their owners.

Tips for Selling Puppies Around the Holidays

French Bulldog puppy inside a Santa hat

There is some stigma surrounding people selling puppies during the holiday season, so what’s a breeder to do? Here are some helpful tips for selling your puppies during Christmastime.


Top 5 Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

Goldendoodle dog playing in the snow

Most pet owners are aware of the risks hot weather poses to their dogs. But many forget how dangerous cold weather can be for their furry friends. 

Here are the top 5 cold weather tips for dogs. 


How to Choose the Right Dog Food

Bowl of dog food on hardwood floor

Choosing the right dog food for your new dog is an important decision, and one that many people overlook. Many new dog owners assume that dogs are fine with any type or brand of dog food but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Choosing the right dog food plays a huge role in your new pup’s health and happiness, and in this blog post we will help you choose which is best for your new dog .

Dog Park Safety Tips

Two dogs sniffing each other at a dog park

With a secure area to run and other dogs to play with, the dog park can easily become one of your dog’s favorite places to go. However, there are some safety tips to keep in mind before packing your pup in the car and heading to the local dog park. Read on for some helpful information on keeping your furry friend safe both before and at the dog park.


Introducing a Puppy to Your Older Dog: What to Expect

Puppy and adult Golden Retriever playing tug of war

The decision to add a second furry friend to your family is exciting, and many families hope that this new friend will be an instant companion for their adult dog. While this is often true, it is important to know how to introduce a puppy to your adult dogs so they can be lifelong friends. At Lancaster Puppies, we are dog people so we will be pulling from our personal experiences and some proven techniques to offer you a guide to introducing a puppy to your dog. 

How to Make Your Backyard Dog-Friendly

Two dogs with their tongues out sitting in a grass backyard

Bringing a new furry friend home to your family is very exciting, but can be overwhelming for some first-time dog owners. Having a dog-friendly backyard will make your transition into dog ownership much smoother, and will give your new dog a fun place to play all year round. In this blog we will go over some backyard ideas for dogs that are a must as you welcome the newest member of your family! 


Tips for Vacationing With Your Dog

Dog with head out car window

Now that the beautiful and scenic autumn weather is about to make a return, you might be wondering about how to vacation with dogs or not just survive but thrive in an overnight hotel setting. Sound familiar? Read on to discover handy tips for vacationing with dogs, whether you are beach, mountain or rolling plains bound.


Choosing a Dog for Your Apartment

Man with Saint Bernard dog sharing couch

There are several factors to consider when looking for a dog for your apartment. Not all dogs are cut out for apartment life, and it’s crucial that you don’t end up choosing a dog that isn’t well-adapted to live in a smaller apartment - especially when they need lots of room to run around, or don’t always like sharing smaller spaces with other dogs or people.

How to Keep Your Pup Safe over Thanksgiving

two corgi puppies with pumpkin

The Thanksgiving weekend brings many new sights, sounds, and smells to your dog’s nose. If you are planning a dinner party and guests at your home, prepare ahead to make Thanksgiving a safe and positive experience for your young dog.

With a change in the routine—introducing new people and sounds and heightened activity around your home—Thanksgiving can expose your puppy to a few dangerous moments. Additionally, a full house, louder sounds levels, and excitable activities make your puppy vulnerable to emotional stress and fear.

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