How to Crate Train a Puppy

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Crate training is a necessary part of the housetraining process for dogs. When puppies are first being introduced to their new home, the rules will not be totally clear to them. Leaving them out to their own devices isn’t the best option. They may chew up furniture, go potty where they aren’t supposed to, and be generally rambunctious with unsuspecting guests.

These are all habits that crate training aims to eliminate. You must housetrain early because certain habits are hard for puppies to break as they get older.


How to Handle Trouble Behavior in Puppies

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If you are the first owner to bring your puppy home, they should be a clean slate, quick to learn, and ready to bond and follow your lead. As you begin socialization training, be gentle and patient with your puppy. Keep their home and new experiences age-appropriate.

However, some puppy's first weeks and months are stressful or missing a nurturing mother and litter of playmates. Other young dogs develop unwanted behaviors due to limited socialization and training. The good news is—most dogs respond to treatment and training for even the worst habits and undesirable behaviors.

Training Your Puppy Part 4: Socializing

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Your new puppy started their canine education weeks before adoption day. The process of introducing a pup to the world to new people, animals, and places is called Socialization Training. Now, you are the trainer who is responsible for slowly exposing your puppy to sights, sounds, surfaces, foods, people, animals, and places.


Training Your Puppy Part 3: Leash Walking

To get started, there are a few beginner training steps that are necessary. After all, training a puppy to walk next to you, at a set pace, and alert to verbal and non-verbal cues requires advanced learning skills from your pup. Training exercises build a bond and a language to communicate. Remind your pup that you, the master, have fun and interesting things to share and they will be rewarded for paying attention.


Training Your Puppy Part 2: Potty Training

Potty training a puppy can be tough, and it’s very important to go into the process with patience. Having an open mind and an open heart for your new puppy is crucial to their success. After all, even though they may not know when and where to go, they can tell when you’re frustrated.

It won’t happen overnight - and accidents are normal. Just remember, it’s all part of the learning process. They’ll get it!  With consistency, and patience, the puppy will be able to learn the do’s and don’ts of how to do their business.


Training Your Puppy Part 1: Basic Commands

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Teaching your dog basic obedience is important for many reasons, both behavioral and emotional. The first few weeks with your pup are critical in establishing a positive relationship with your new furry friend, and a great place to start is with basic commands. Keep reading to learn more!


Puppy Teething: What You Need to Know and Do

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Puppies have sharp milk teeth used to explore the world. Teeth are survival tools that allow them to eat food, chew, and defend themselves. Teeth are also social and communication tools used to get attention, wrestle, and play. 


Leash Training Made Easy

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You just got a puppy. Now you'll need to pick your leash and collar or harness to begin leash training. Lancaster Puppies offers tips you can use now. 

House Training a Puppy When You Work Full Time

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House training a puppy requires time, patience, and positive reinforcement, but this can be complicated when you work full time. What’s a pet parent to do? Discover seven ways to tackle the problem.


How to Keep Your Dogs Off the Furniture

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If you think animals shouldn’t be on the couch there are a few techniques you can learn to change their behavior. Lancaster Puppies teaches you how to keep your dog off the sofa.

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