Great Dane: Breed Spotlight

great dane lying in grass

Appreciated for a powerful build, bold character, and athletic endurance, the Great Dane has changed names many times since first appearing in the history books. Their cohabitation and usefulness to humans have remained constant over time. Once a reliable hunting and working dog, today the Great Dane is appreciated for its gentle loving nature and loyalty to family.


How to Crate Train a Puppy

Dog with Books

Crate training is a necessary part of the housetraining process for dogs. When puppies are first being introduced to their new home, the rules will not be totally clear to them. Leaving them out to their own devices isn’t the best option. They may chew up furniture, go potty where they aren’t supposed to, and be generally rambunctious with unsuspecting guests.

These are all habits that crate training aims to eliminate. You must housetrain early because certain habits are hard for puppies to break as they get older.


Choosing a Dog for Your Apartment

Man with Saint Bernard dog sharing couch

There are several factors to consider when looking for a dog for your apartment. Not all dogs are cut out for apartment life, and it’s crucial that you don’t end up choosing a dog that isn’t well-adapted to live in a smaller apartment - especially when they need lots of room to run around, or don’t always like sharing smaller spaces with other dogs or people.

Beabull: Breed Spotlight

beabull puppy sitting down

A cross between the floppy-eared Beagle and the stout Bulldog, Beabulls are a friendly, playful, and affectionate mix that shares the qualities of two popular breeds, making it an excellent addition to families of any size due to their calm demeanor and loyalty. Find out if a Beabull is the breed for you.


Cavapoo: Breed Spotlight

Bred to be a hypoallergenic companion dog, the Cavapoo is perfectly suited for families. With their rounded faces, large eyes, wide brows, and long ears hanging below the chin, Cavapoos are also categorized as a crossbreed (hybrid) dog.


How to Keep Your Pup Safe over Thanksgiving

two corgi puppies with pumpkin

The Thanksgiving weekend brings many new sights, sounds, and smells to your dog’s nose. If you are planning a dinner party and guests at your home, prepare ahead to make Thanksgiving a safe and positive experience for your young dog.

With a change in the routine—introducing new people and sounds and heightened activity around your home—Thanksgiving can expose your puppy to a few dangerous moments. Additionally, a full house, louder sounds levels, and excitable activities make your puppy vulnerable to emotional stress and fear.

Puppy Feeding Schedule: A Guide

Woman feeding dalmatian puppy

Along with all the tools you’ve gathered to raise a healthy, happy dog, you are probably also thinking about the quality of your new puppy’s food. Safe and highly nutritious foods are essential to the long term health and quality of life for your dog. This is especially true for puppies who grow quickly.

French Bulldogs: Breed Spotlight

adorable cream colored french bulldog

Bat ears, a wrinkly face, flat nose, and playful disposition: these are just a few of the characteristics that make up the lovable, friendly French Bulldog. Over the past hundred years, Frenchies have been adored by many, making them one of the most popular dog breeds today. 

Whether you’re a French Bulldog owner, considering adopting one, or just love the breed, keep reading for some background on the charming Frenchie.


A Guide to Emotional Support Dogs

We’ve all heard the saying that dogs are “man’s best friend,” and it’s no surprise that our canine companions can be loyal pals and family members. However, for individuals living with mental health conditions, this companionship is taken to a whole new level.

Guide to Dog Vaccinations

Things can get hectic once you bring home a brand new puppy. Between finding all the supplies, making all the introductions, and starting up training, it can be a busy first week! But as soon as possible - your pup should be taken in for a check-up. You'll go over your pup's health, milestones to watch out for, and vaccination details and schedule.

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