A little about the Boxer Breed

Size: Full grown adults measure on average between 22 and 25 inches tall at the withers, with females being slightly smaller than males. Weight: Full grown adults weigh on average between 55 and 70 pounds, with females being slightly smaller than males. Colors: There are two colors recognized officially in Boxers, fawn and brindle. Fawn being a shade of brown ranging from almost yellow, to reddish tan and dark honey-blond with white markings, often on the underbelly and paws. Brindle meaning a fawn color with black stripes. Some Boxers are so heavily brindled that they appear to have “reverse brindle”, they appear to be black with fawn stripes. “White Boxers” refer to Boxers that their white markings covering more of their body than their base color. Temperament: "The character of the Boxer is of the greatest importance and demands the most solicitous attention. He is renowned from olden times for his great love and faithfulness to his master and household. He is harmless in the family, but distrustful of strangers, bright and friendly of temperament at play, but brave and determined when aroused. His intelligence and willing tractability, his modesty and cleanliness make him a highly desirable family dog and cheerful companion. He is the soul of honesty and loyalty, and is never false or treacherous even in his old age. ” — 1938 AKC Boxer breed standard Boxers are loved as family dogs, especially by families with small children. Boxers are very difficult to provoke to anger, and thus do very well with small children pulling their ears and playing with them. Boxers also have a protective instinct over children, almost as if they know that small children need special protection. Boxers do need plenty of free time to run off their energy. Lack of exercise can lead to boredom-based behavior and boredom for boxers means digging holes and chewing. History: Boxers are a descendent of the now extinct Bullenbeisser from Germany of Mastiff descent. They were originally bred in the late 1800s, the breed was stabilized and put on exhibition for the first time in a dog show in Munich, 1895.

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