A little about the Golden Retriever Breed

Weight: An average full-grown male Golden Retriever weighs from 65-75 pounds and females 55-65 pounds full-grown. Size: An average full-grown male Golden Retriever measures from 22-24 inches tall at the withers, and females 21.5-22.5 inches tall at the withers. Color: The American Kennel Club states the Golden Retriever's coat to be “rich, lustrous golden of various shades”. Temperament: Golden Retrievers rank fourth in intelligence in Stanley Coren's book, “The Intelligence of Dogs”. Golden Retrievers naturally love to please almost anyone, whether master or stranger. Golden Retrievers are equally friendly toward strangers and those that they know, making them a poor choice of guard dog. Any type of aggression in a Golden Retriever, whether toward another dog or a person, is viewed as a serious fault. Golden Retrievers are described as “kind, friendly, and confident”. Due to the fact that they were bred as hunting dogs that needed to wait patiently in a hunting blind, they are extremely patient dogs. They aim to please and will work until they drop if commanded to, so care needs to be taken to not overwork them. History: The Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland as a gun dog. Due to the improvement of technology in firepower in the 1800s, a faster, longer lasting retriever was needed to retrieve game as newer guns could reach farther. The retrievers being used then were training setters and pointer breeds, were proving ineffective over long distances and increasingly rough terrain. The original Golden Retrievers were a cross between a yellow-colored retriever, Nous, and a Tweed Water Spaniel, Belle.

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