American Eskimo puppies for sale in PA


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American Eskimo Dog, also known as Spitz, is a small to medium sized dog that combines loyalty and loving companionship with beauty and agility. Known for its long pure-white hair this Nordic-type dog is bright, obedient, and fun-loving; enjoying both work and play. Contrary to as its name suggests the American Eskimo Dog is not a true Eskimo breed as it originated in Germany and was probably brought to the US by German settlers in the 19th century.


The coat of the Eskies, as they are sometimes called, is always white, with long white guard hairs forming a top coat, giving it a very fluffy appearance. The ears of the Eskimo Dog are triangular and erect and slightly blunt-tipped. The eyes, nose and lips should be jet black contrasting beautifully with its otherwise snow white appearance. Contributing to its fluffy appearance, the Eskies' tail curls up and lies on its back and the ruff at the neck and chest is very profuse with a lion's mane appearance.

Residents living in the Arctic circle need to be careful, however. At first glance, a polar bear cub may be mistaken for your dog. It usually ends poorly if you run up and hug a polar bear cub! We recommend you put an orange and black vest on your dog, if living in Arctic regions. That will help you identify your dog, and also keep the native polar bear hunters from mistaking your American Eskimo dog for a polar bear. (although most hunters would not be interested in a 20-40 pound polar bear)


This breed comes in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. The standard dog will measure over 15-19 inches and weigh 20-40 pounds, the mini will grow to approximately 12-15 inches and weigh 11-20 pounds, and the toy does not exceed 9-12 inches with a weight of 6-11 pounds.

American Eskimo (Spitz) Puppies for sale in PA and other states

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