One of the most popular of the hound dog breeds, this dog is good-natured, sociable, and active. This breed makes excellent pets with their friendly, outgoing, and amiable dispositions and enjoys lots of company and exercise. In spite of its remarkable personality it is still a hound dog and will still need a consistent, firm hand in training due to their stubbornness and distractibility. It loves to follow a fascinating scent and can disappear for hours if not constrained. This breed also loves to "talk" and can quickly become annoying with its loud braying bark. The Beagle is great with children but should not be left alone with other pets.

Although no one is entirely certain of the Beagle's origin, it is widely believed that it originated from various English scent hounds. The Beagle is smaller than most English hounds (e.g. the Foxhound) and has been used for centuries to hunt small-game, particularly rabbits. Today it is even more of a versatile breed as it is used as a popular hunting dog, an affectionate companion dog, and as a law enforcement explosive or narcotic sniffing dog.

The coat of the Beagle is short and dense and typically consists of three colors - black, brown, and white although other variations are possible. It does shed so if kept indoors frequent groomings are necessary.

The Beagle is a compact, sturdy breed weighing approximately 20-25 pounds and growing to approximately 12-15 inches at the shoulder. They are active and require frequent exercise. Beagles are generally healthy dogs and are not prone to many illnesses given proper care and careful breeding. Their life span is typically 12-14 years.

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