Bernese Mountain Dog

A lovely dog with a temperament to match, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a beautifully marked working dog breed that has deservedly become a popular family pet. This breed is large and powerful but is highly trainable and gentle with children. It is one of four types of Swiss Mountain dogs and is the most popular of these. Intelligent, charming, and sociable, the Bernese thrives being with its family and with good training can easily adapt to indoor living.

The Bernese Mountain Dog finds its origins in the canton of Berne where it was used as a cart-pulling dog, herder and general farm dog. After the advent of modern machinery, Bernese Mountain Dogs nearly became extinct as a breed due to the lack of necessity for it. Fortunately, because several breeders saw to it that the breed did not disappear we still enjoy the beauty and cheer of this breed today.

The coat of the Bernese Mountain dog is long, silky and slightly wavy with majority being black in color and beautifully marked with reddish-brown and white colors. The Bernese is a profuse shedder and requires frequent grooming to maintain its silky and characteristic soft sheen.

Due to its small gene foundation and other unknown possible reasons, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a shorter lived dog. The life span of the Bernese rarely exceeds 10 years but the remarkable temperament and good-natured companionship of it still make it a highly desirable breed.

Weighing in over 100 pounds and growing up to 28 inches at the shoulder, the Bernese is a large and muscular dog. In spite of its size it does not generally do well as a guard dog because of its pleasant and friendly disposition.

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