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The Dachshund, often nicknamed “hotdog” or “sausage dog” because of its short-legged, elongated bodied shape, is a hound dog that most likely originated in Germany but could date back as far as to ancient Egypt. It was bred primarily to be a hunting dog or more specifically a badger hunting dog. The name Dachshund literally means “badger hound”. Although originally a hunting dog Dachshunds were a part of royal kennels all across Europe, including Queen Victoria who was especially fond of them. The early Dachshunds were a bit larger and had longer legs than the Dachshunds we see today.

JoAnne Weaver of Middleburg, Pa says this about their family's Dachshund: "Tiny is our spoiled rotten Mini Dachsund. She is usually wary of strangers and is quite good at alerting us of any arrivals. Tiny also likes to show off by bouncing around the backyard doing figure 8's or just bouncing back and forth looking silly. She loves to eat and will drag bones and other treats to some obscure place and bury them to hide them from our Lab. During the warmer months, we are often entertained by her antics as she tries to lure the Lab away from her hiding spots. She is jealous of any attention given elsewhere and will put on whatever show she must to divert attention back to her. Dachsunds are burrowers and Tiny is no exception. Every night we have to "tuck her in" by taking her blankets and covering her completely with them. Tiny is truly a friend of our family including even the youngest children."

Size and Appearance

Dachshunds are typically classified into one of two categories: standard or mini. The standard Dachshund will average 16 to 32 pounds while the mini should not top 12 pounds. Dachshunds are most known for their elongated bodies and very short legs. There are three varieties of coat classifications in the Dachshund breed: short-haired, long-haired and wired. The pattern of the coat of a Dachshund varies considerably. They can be solid in color, bi-color, brindle, dappled, or piebald. Colors likewise range considerably from a light gray to tan or black or a mixture of any.


Dachshunds are a playful, loyal dog with a great deal of intelligence. They can be stubborn in their training and have a tendency to distrust strangers. If raised in a house with children Dachshunds rarely present a problem but if a Dachshund is not socialized with children they can be quite aggressive against a child’s playful actions. They are burrowers by nature as the owner of a Dachshund will soon find out as they love to sleep buried under a pillow or blankets.

Dachshund puppies for sale

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