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Looking for a German Shepherd puppy? See German Shepherd puppies for sale, or read on to learn more about the German Shepherd dog breed:

German Shepherd Dogs, in the scheme of things, are a new dog breed. Only having been formalized in the early 20th century, they are a combination of various farm and herding dogs. They are considered in the "Herding" dog class. As you might have guessed, the breed originally comes from Germany.  The first famous German Shepherd was "Rin Tin Tin" a German Shepherd rescued off the battlefield in World War I.

Shortly after World War I, the German Shepherd was renamed "Alsatian Wolf Dog" (there are actually wolf hybrids in the German Shepherd ancestory), due to the fact it was not a popular time in history for anything with the named "German" attached. (for reasons we need not discuss) However in due time the name "German Shepherd Dog" was once again used for this breed.

German Shepherd dogs vary in height from 22 to 26 inch inches high at the withers. (back of the shoulder blades) The typical weight range is 60 to 140 pounds.  The coat comes in a variety of colors, including black, black & tan, and white.

German Shepherd dogs are very intelligent, and as a result are often used as search & rescue and police dogs. They are known to be very even tempered, affectionate and protective. The result is a great family dog and companion, with some extra security thrown in. More than once intruders have discovered the powerful jaws and protective nature of the German Shepherd!

Nancy Swarey, of Mifflintown, Pa, relates that her German Shepherd "Hero" is a real asset to the family. "Our boys like to play with him all the time" she says. She notes that "she spent a lot of time training him as a pup" but that has since "paid off".  "We can tell right away if someone is here by the way he barks" she says. Hero is gentle with the children, but is smart enough to know when it's time to be tough with strangers.

Like most larger breeds, they do need exercise. Unlike breeds like the Shiba Inu or Siberian Husky, they can easily be trained to stay in your back yard. Because of their size they need to be properly socialized so they are not aggresive. Training is also important, as you don't want even a friendly big dog jumping up on visitors and children.

Things to look for when selecting your German Shepherd Dog:

If you want a family dog, select a pup with mild mannered parents. Even if the parents are "high strung", your dog can still be trained, however you will save some head aches if the pup you select is naturally mild mannered. Hip dysplasia can be a real problem with German Shepherds. Ask if this is a problem in the parents history. It is a big plus if the parents are hip certified, however, hip certification can add hundreds of dollars to the price of a puppy.

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