Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Pa

Looking for a Golden Retriever puppy for sale sale in Pa, or surrounding states? View our Golden Retreiver Puppies for Sale. Read on to learn more about the Golden Retriever dog breed:

The Golden Retriever is one the most popular dog breeds with its sunny personality and quintessential canine good looks. A Golden Retriever will make friends with anyone and will quickly become a child's playmate as well as an adult's close companion. This breed of the sporting group is prized by hunters and families alike for their train-ability, friendly nature, and powerful retriever nature.


In fact, I remember well growing up near Bowmansville, Pennsylvania, playing with the neighbor's Golden Retriever, "Candy".  The neighbor boy, "Keith", and myself would play for long hours in the woods, shooting our BB guns. Keith would also get me to try his bow, but I was a horrible shot and would lose his arrows. (years later Keith later moved to central Pa and started an Archery Shop) Candy would follow along on these adventures.


Just last week, I was talking to a friend at church. His name is Steve, and he lives close to Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. He had found a Golden Retriever off of Lancaster Puppies about a year ago, and told me how much fun his family was having with it. "If I had known how much fun Golden Retrievers were, we would have gotten one before this" he said.


The Golden Retriever's thick coat is two-fold with a long, silky, golden or cream colored top coat and a dense, water-resistant, lighter undercoat. He has a long wavy tail without any curl, medium-sized ears that drop straight down, and dark brown eyes. Their good nature is accentuated by it beautiful looks. The thick coat allows them to play outdoors and tolerate cold weather, in fact, they will even lay down and rest in the snow!


The Golden Retriever is considered a medium-large breed weighing approximately 55-75 pounds and measuring 20-24 inches at the shoulder. The females are proportionately smaller than the males. Powerfully built and sturdy, they can withstand the rigors of hunting or obedience trials and happily carry the weight of an exuberant child.


The temperament of this breed is very friendly and good-natured, responsive and quick to learn, and intelligent and versatile. Golden Retrievers make great guide dogs and therapy animals. They thrive best around people and are always aiming to please their masters.


Golden Retrievers can thank the circus for their existence. Sir Dudley Majorbanks purchased 8 dogs from a Russian Trainer after watching them perform in England. The original name for these dogs was "Russian Trackers". The modern Golden Retriever breed is smaller smaller than the original dogs used to start the bloodline. At some point along the way, Bloodhound genetics were used to bring down the size. People today who decry breeding "hybrids" have never looked a the history of all "purebreeds", because all "purebreeds" (with perhaps the exception of the Wolf) are crosses of various breeds in the past.

The first serious Golden Retriever breeder on the North American continent was Bart Armstrong, of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through Mr. Armstrongs efforts the Golden Retriever was recognized as a separate dog breed in 1927. The American Kennel club did not officially acknowledge Golden Retrievers until 1932.  It was not until after World War II that the Golden Retrever breed became popular. Today the Golden Retriever is one of America's favorite dog breeds!


Golden Retriever puppies for sale in PA and surrounding states

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