Hangin' Tree Cowdog puppies for sale in PA

Hangin' Tree Cowdog puppies for sale in Pa

The Hangin' Tree Cowdog has been called "The ultimate Cowboy's dog".  This breed was originally developed by Gary Ericsson, who wanted to develop a working cattle dog for his operations. They are a little known breed, and not in breed registeries, except there is one registry devoted to the Hangin' Tree Cow Dog, called "The Hangin' Tree Cow Dog Association".  The name  is derived from the "Hangin Tree Ranch".

Hangin' Tree Cowdog dogs are very loyal, good with children, and very affectionate! Even if you don't have cattle to herd, the make a good family dog. But only get one if you have plenty of room for it to run. If you have a dairy farm, and need a dog to bring the cows in, or take the cows out, or have cattle of any kind or stripe, this may be the breed for you.  Dogs range in weight from 40-60 pounds when full grown. Life span is very long for a dog, 25-28 years. Hangin' Tree Cowdogs tend to have large litters, 12-16 puppies, and are very hearty, with a nearly 0% puppy mortality rate.  They are easy to raise and train.

Says dairy farmer Andrew Snook, from Middleburg, Pa "I wouldn't have not have a Bull on my farm if I did not have "Bandit" my Hangin' Tree Cowdog!" Andrew also raises Hangin' Tree Cattle Dogs.

The Hangin' Tree Cowdog is comprised of several breeds, including: Border Collie, Catahoula, Kelpie (not to be confused with Kelp, which otters eat, or "Kulpy" who is my cousin) and the Australian Shepherd. The breed composition breaks down like this:

  • 3/8 Border Collie (herding instinct, intelligence)
  • 1/8 Catahoula (toughness, hair coat and cattle finding ability)
  • 1/4 Kelpie (endourance, short hair and herding insticnt)
  • 1/4 Australian Shepherd (from a handpicked sire known as "Hangin Tree Black Bear" who was exceptional at herding cattle)

According to the official Hangin' Tree Cowdog association website (http://hangintreecowdog.net), the following defines a Hangin' Tree Cowdog:

  • A cattledog that is a gathering, retrieving, herding type dog.
  1. A tough aggressive dog that has the courage to stand up to and handle all types of cattle.
  2. An intelligent dog that is easy to train.
  3. A dog with good disposition that is not overly sensitive.
  4. A short or slick haired dog that can stand the heat when needed and also shed burs and mud with minimal coat maintenance.
  5. A dog with good bone structure that can take the abuse that a cattledog takes from being kicked and ran over.
  6. A dog that is deep and wide in the chest with endurance that will stay with you when the going gets tough.
  7. A dog that can wind and trail cattle.
  8. The Hangin Tree Cowdog is a purebred working dog bred specifically to work cattle.
Hangin' Tree Cow dogs are born and bred to handle cattle. If you have a farm or ranch, this is your breed!
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