Jug puppies for sale in PA

Looking for a Jug puppy for sale in Pa or surrounding states? See Jug puppies for sale. Read on to learn more about this cute little hybrid dog breed:


The Jug dog breed is one of the many designer breeds that have become popular in the recent years. It is a mixture between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. Although still a new hybrid, owners of Jug dogs have expressed that the breed either has a strong tendency towards one or the other parent. Some seem to favor the Pug genetics and be more of a lap dog while others seem to favor the Jack Russell Terrier and be more energetic.


I knew a fellow who owned a Jug, he lived near Harrisburg, Pa. The Jug's name was "Fat Boy". One day someone asked him if he was a fan of Harley motorcycles, and named the dog after them. "No", the owner replied. "He named him Fat Boy because he was fat!". Ok, that makes sense I suppose...


Jug dogs are a small dog breed with a coat of short coarse hair in a variety of colors but most commonly tan, fawn or black. They are a bit stockier than that of the Jack Russell Terrier but usually not as heavy as a Pug. Their weight ranges from 11-16 pounds and they grow to 10-12 inches high at shoulder. The nose of the Jug varies in length depending on which parent they favor but all Jugs will have a longer nose than the Pug which is known for its “smashed in” nose. This fact helps alleviate some of the respiratory issues Pugs are prone to have. These dogs will most often sport the curly tail of characteristic of the Pug breed.


The Jug breed is a lovable, loyal, and friendly breed that can range from easy-going to hyper-active. Jugs make outstanding pets but a potential buyer should determine what characteristic they would prefer and choose a puppy from the litter that best fits their preferences. Even within the same litter, temperaments can vary significantly. Jug dogs need plenty of exercise and do best within a fenced yard as they are prone to chase cats, squirrels, chipmunks, or any other critter that may present itself. Jugs are known to be out-going and playful with children making them an excellent choice for a family pet.

Jug puppies for sale in Pa and the surrounding states

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