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Pugs! Short and stocky, with that cute curly tail over the back.  Pugs are in the "companion dog" category. I personally have never owned a Pug, but I did "babysit" or perhaps "pugsit" is a better word, 2 pugs for a week or two. These dogs provided endless entertainment for us, as they charged around our house chasing each other. I do remember they did not like bathtime so much...

The Pug breed is one of the oldest breeds of dogs still to be found today. Most researchers agree that the Pug originates in China due to its similarities with the Pekingese breed which also originates from China. Although in its history Pugs were used by the military as tracking dogs and as personal guard dogs; most Pugs are kept simply as companions or lap dogs.

Dutch traders did a lively business in China, and the Pug breed was introduced into England from Holland. Yet most of the best English dogs of the late nineteenth century and American dogs of the twentieth century traced back to Click, a dog of pure Chinese breeding.  While the Pug was popular in Holland, for some odd reason he was not popular with Dutch artists, who used dogs in many paintings and art forms.

Size and color
The Pug is a small but stocky breed that comes in fawn, silver fawn, apricot fawn, or black. They are characterized by a well­defined mask on its pudgy muzzle. They weigh 13-17 pounds, on average. Height ranges from 10.5 to 12 inches, although the size can vary outside of this.

The first black Pug to be exhibited in England was one belong to Lady Brasey, who exhibited it at the Maidstone show in about 1886. It is said that the black Pug came from a mix with the Japanese Pug. This breed was white or black or white and black. Some Pugs of today have a tendency to show a bit of white on the chest and feet.

Pugs are good­natured, playful, and outgoing. They are known for their loving dispositions and their love for people. Pugs are usually great family dogs who get along well with other pets and children. Pug dogs do not require much excersize, which means they are great dogs for apartment living. Pug get along well with children.

Things to keep in mind:

Pugs have short noses. Therefore, they do not take heat well, and when sleeping, will often snore! In the summer you will want to make sure to keep your pug cool. Never let them in a hot car. (this can be said of any dog) Because they have many wrinkles, you will need to keep their coat clean. Frequent bathtimes are a good idea.

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