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It should surprise nobody to learn that the Rottweiler breed is categorized as a "Guard dog". The Rottweiler is strong, powerful breed, with a muscular, stocky chest. They have a large head. Because of it's size and strength, you will want to consider training classes for your new dog.  But don't be intimidated, properly socialized and raised Rottweilers are a pleasant addition to most families. They can be wary of strangers, but very trusting of family members.

Where did the Rottweiler dog breed originate? Rottweil, Germany. Originally breed for herding and guard dogs, they now play an important role in search and rescue, and are used as police guard dogs in the United States, and other countries.

The Roman army used ancestors of the "Rottweiler" to herd cattle for the Roman army. It was the custom of the Roman armies to carry their food with them "on the hoof". This they did by employing dogs to drive their sheep and cattle.  The area about the town of Rottweil, which is on the Keckar River, in Wurttemburg, Germany, was conquered by Rome around 1900 years ago.  And the story has it that the Roman dogs were left there, where the breed has been kept ever since.

During the Middle Ages, Rottweil was a livestock center. Butchers from Rottweil used to have to leave the walled town in order to go on buying expeditions through the country side. Thieves were likely to be lying in wait along the way, and the butchers had to have "cash" (gold or silver coins) for their purchases.  So it became the custom for the butchers to fasten their money belts about the necks of their Rottweilers. This seemed to fix the problem of thievery!

Rottweiler dogs can weigh up to 135 pounds. Some are as small as 75 pounds. Generally the males are larger than the females. Rottweilers range in height from 22 to 27 inches at the withers.

Like many large dog breeds, Rottweilers can succumb to hip dysplasia. Because of this, you will want to pay attention to the puppies genetics. Rottweilers can also develop kidney problems. A balanced diet and exercise can help minimize these risks.

Typically a Rottweiler will do well if allowed to exercise twice a day but consult your veterinarian for details. Keeping  your dog fit is an important part of dog ownership.

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