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Shiba Inus. Do people who bring home a Shiba Inu puppy really know what they are getting in for? Shiba Inu dogs are a delight to have around, and are full of spunk and energy. With a Shiba Inu in the house, dull moments are few and far between! Shiba Inu puppies rank about the cutest puppies of all time, with videos clips of them playing going viral at times on the Internet.

Shiba Inu's fall into the "Northern Breeds" category, which means they originally were born and bred for cold environments, in fact, the same environment the Japanese Snow Monkey lives in. This is the reason for the adorable, fluffy full coat they sport. This does not mean you cannot own a Shiba if you live in Florida, or other warm parts of the country.  Despite the Shiba Inu's full coat, they do not shed a lot, if kept indoors. Several Shiba Inu owners I know personally state that despite articles reporting Shiba Inu dogs shed a lot, keeping after the hair has been minimal. One reason is that if a Shiba Inu is kept inside, the coat will not grow as thick.  Shiba Inu dogs kept outside over the winter WILL shed in the spring and summer months.

Shiba Inus can be as mischevious as they are cute. Shiba Inu owner Marlene Auker, of Leola, PA reports: "One day I let our Shiba Inu "Twitchy" out for an afternoon run. Suddenly he decided to just run off. After looking and calling for him, a few hours later he returned dragging a deer leg! Needless to say he is not allowed to run free any more." (turns out this deer leg belonged to a deer harvested in by a hunter in the Pa deer hunting season)

Another affectionate Shiba Inu owner referred to his Shiba Inu as a "fluffy Benedict Arnold". Turns out he was also having problems keeping his Shiba at home.  The problem of wondering Shiba Inu's is an easy one to solve, however.  Fencing in your back yard will give your Shiba Inu a play area, without comprising the neighboring chicken's safety. (chasing chickens is another Shiba Inu weakness Shiba Inu's can be trained to stay at home. Another Shiba Inu owner, from Middleburg, Pa, reports "I bought my Shiba Inu as a puppy, and I don't have trouble with him running off". (it is noteworthy this fellow has a farm with several hundred acres, so his Shiba Inu would have further to run before getting on the neighbor's land) Wireless fence solutions also work well at keeping Shiba Inu's at home. A Shiba Inu is very sensitive to discomfort, so a static collar is a very effective deterrent.

A Shiba Inu is a medium sized dog, only weighing 15-25 pounds. Coat colors vary, from black and tan, apricot, cream, and variations off all colors.  When alert they stand almost like a fox. Depending on the coat colors, they even look like a fox.  The tail should curl up on the back. Sometimes when running, the tail uncurls and points straight out the back.

Shiba Inu origins can be traced back to Japan. In fact, the Shiba is a bit of a national symbol in Japan. Originally the Shiba Inu was bred to flush game and chase wild pigs, but few modern owners report using their Shiba Inus for such things. (The Shiba Inus would still enjoy it, however)

Things to keep in mind when finding your Shiba Inu:

Plan to spend time training your Shiba Inu to stay at home. In your outdoor exercise area have an restraint system of some sort setup, like a fence, leash or wireless collar system.  You should also have your Shiba Inu puppy checked right away by a veterinarian, upon bring him/her home the first time. Some potential gentic issues are heart murmurs, hip dysplasia and luxating patellas. So make sure to have your dog checked right away for any of these genetic defects. Ask the breeder if the parents have any genetic issues you should be aware of.

And most of all, have fun with your new Shiba Inu puppy!!

Available Shiba Inu puppies for sale



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