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The Poodle is a dog breed known for it's intelligence, grace and poise. Poodles come in a variety of sizes. These are the Standard, Miniature, and Toy. All three classifications breed true to type. However this entry focuses on the Standard Poodle.  Most registries recognize a "Standard Poodle" as being 15 inches or higher at the shoulder blades.

Most men's masculinity would be offended if they were called a "Poodle". Yet it may surprise some folks that the Standard Poodle was originally bred as a "Gun dog", and today are still used for hunting. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, and their size proves useful for retrieving game. Over the years Poodles have had great success in obedience trials in the United States and Great Britain.  Poodles tend to enjoy water, making them a natural retriever for ducks and other water fowl.

As a big fan of Alaska, it did not escape my notice that Standard Poodles have run in the Iditarod. This is the yearly sled dog race covering 976 miles, from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nome, Alaska. Alaskan John Suter ran a part team of Poodles and completed the race in the 1988 race. Eventually Poodles were banned from competing, rumor has it the "big dogs" did not like the image of potentially being beaten by Poodles.

Standard Poodles are also used for service dogs. The story below is about a Standard Poodle, named Peggy Sue, who found her new home through Lancaster Puppies. Thank you breeder Robin Booth, the one who raised "Peggy Sue", for this great testimonial. Below is a picture of Peggy Sue as a puppy, the actual picture of her on when she was on Lancaster Puppies.

"As a lot of you know, we got Hannah's Service Dog about a month ago. God has provided financing through a whole lot of generous people and some really amazing miracles. Well get ready to hear about another one!!!!! We go two days a week to Peggy Sue's training. She must complete Obedience and Therapy dog training before starting her training as a Diabetic Alert Dog so it will take a few months "we thought". Yesterday, while at training, everything was as incredible as usual ( Peggy being the sweet, smart puppy she is ) until a little more than half way through she wouldn't listen to her commands and started jumping on Hannah. This went on for a while until Hannah started to feel a blood-sugar ( they are unique to other headaches) headache. She took a break checked her blood sugar and low and behold, it was going high!!!!!! After taking her insulin, they went back to training, and Peggy was her perfectly compliant self again. Is God good or what!!!!! This little puppy is sooooo God given. She came from a WONDERFUL breeder who loves her dogs, and sells her puppies for the love of people instead of money. What a blessing all the way around. Thank you Jesus, you provide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Poodle has a variety of coat colors. This includes, brown, black, parti, silver, white, silver beige, apricot, cream, sable and brindle. The most popular colors are white and black. There are two types of Poodles coats, the curly and the corded. Efforts have been made to separate the "varieties" in official classification, but authorities have contended that both types are of the the same breed and the difference lies only in the treatment of the coat. If allowed to grow for long periods of time without brushing and oiling to prevent breaking, the coat will form thin round mats which become, with length, a mass of ropelike cords. The the Curly Poodle becomes the Corded Poodle.

The first Poodle Club was established in 1886. In England there is also the Curly Poodle Club, the Miniature Poodle Club, and the International Poodle Club.  AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized the Poodle breed in 1887. 

It has been said that the Poodle is the ancestor of the Irish Water Spaniel and the Curly coated retriever. Indeed, with the exception of the tail and muzzle, the Poodle looks very much like the Irish Water Spaniel.

Lovelle R, says this about her Standard Poodle (pictured left), whom she found in Lancaster, Pa:

"We love our standard poodle pup from John Stoltzfus. His facility is clean and beautiful with a small cottage where the dogs live. They have free access to the meadow which makes her easy to train. Our Celeste is amazing. Thank you John and Lancaster puppies"

See Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale


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