Granger - Eskipoo Puppy for Sale in Fredericksburg, OH


12wks old
Fredericksburg, OH 44627
Birth Date: 
September 9, 2021
Date Available: 
November 4, 2021

~~~~~~ON SALE NOW~~~~~~

Granger is amazing and oh so adorable!!! He has such a Fun  Personality and brought us lots of laughes as we were doing the Photo shoot ...He absolutely LOVES to CUDDLE and Be LOVED on ! He is a Beautiful light Caramel color . He is so cute and Loving  !! Very fluffy and soft!


Vet Checked and Healthy

Up to Date on All shots


We offer Door to door shipping (ask for Quote) 

Helpful Tips: 

Both the American Eskimo and the Poodle are known for being people-pleasers, which makes them relatively easy to train. Crate, potty training and tricks should be a breeze to teach so long as the owner speaks evenly, is patient yet firm and always rewards good behavior with a piece of kibble or a treat. Both the Poodle and American Eskimo are intelligent dogs who are naturally well-behaved, so training them or teaching them some new moves should not take long.


A relatively small-sized breed, the Eskipoo can weigh anywhere from 13-20 pounds once it has reached adulthood.

Eskipoo Basics

Whether you’re looking for a companion pooch to spend your retiring days with or would love to grace your family with their first family dog, the Eskipoo is a wonderful choice. These high-energy dogs, also known as the Pookimo or Eksapoo, have a naturally happy outlook on life and love to spend lots of time with their human family. They love to play and have a good time, making them a great breed to interact with children no matter their age.

Due to their small size, these dogs make excellent apartment dwellers so long as they are taken on regular walks and their barking is controlled. This pooch has a tendency to bark at any and all unfamiliar sounds, so training them so they won’t bother your neighbors is a must if you live in an apartment. They don’t do well in solitude and may suffer from separation anxiety if left for too long a time, which is the reason why they would do best with families with at least one person home, or couples where one person may work from home.



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