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Brian and Ashlee and their family have been actively involved in raising and placing happy healthy puppies into their new forever homes since 1999. The love of animals has always been with both of them throughout their lives.  Prior to raising puppies Ashlee was a veterinary technician working for a small animal veterinarian helping in all aspects of pet care. Brian has always been active on his family farm helping in different aspects! 


Our family’s lives are dedicated to our dogs and puppies. We love all of our babies equally and want to make sure that each and every one of our babies are placed into loving forever homes.  


We get asked this a lot…..What is your Favorite part?


Honestly….that is super hard to answer because if we didn’t absolutely love what we were doing we would not do it.  I feel like all of the parts are my favorite…helping the mommies when they are birthing comforting them and tending to the puppies to watching the babies grow and first open their eyes and giving them eskimo kisses …to watching the babies learn how to walk and their little growls because they think they are so big…then watching them develop their very own little personalities. Its all my favorite there is just simply too much to list. 


The joy that puppies bring to families and the happy looks on their faces are just amazing. We have had families cry because this puppy is mending a broken heart or maybe they are so excited to add the baby to their family.  We have had children (and adults too..) jump for joy and scream like they hit the lottery. We have had adults and children cry because they are so happy.  Older people that needed a companion so they don’t get lonely. Or special needs adults and children that needed a therapy dog. 


All of this Happiness and Love is Exactly why we do what we do.

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