Two-Factor Authentication

To maintain security integrity, and prevent phishing attacks, we require two-factor authentication for all seller accounts. This will increase protection from phishing attempts, as well as add an extra layer of security to every account. 

  • When you log in to your account, check under the “Security” tab to find instructions on how to set up your two-factor authentication
  • Click on the link below the “Email” section
  • Input your password in the field and click on the “Confirm” button
  • Wait for the verification code to appear in your email inbox from
  • Type the verification code into the field and click the “Verify and save” button
  • You will then receive a success message, followed by a prompt to check a box for your preferred browser. (Doing so will allow you to log into your account without needing to use a verification code for 30 days).
  • You can click on the “Save” button to finish the process

You will receive an email from letting you know that you officially have two-factor authentication, and that your account is secure. We appreciate your diligence! And thank you for your participation.

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