How to Determine a Stud Dog's Fee

 Thursday Feb 29,2024
By  Lancaster Puppies

Stud dog pricing can be difficult to determine. Factors like your dog’s breed, dog group, show ranking, and competition success all play into deciding how much you should charge. There’s also the option of getting the first pick of the litter. So what should you choose? Keep reading to learn more about stud dog pricing and payment options.

Pricing & Payment Options

First, decide if you want to be paid with money or first pick of your stud’s litter. Choosing the first pick of the litter can be a popular choice among stud owners with show dogs. If you decide to list stud services for a monetary price, one of the easiest ways to determine a stud dog’s fee is through research. An easy way to do this is by browsing stud services on Lancaster Puppies. Find out what other owners are charging for stud dog services, specifically dogs of the same breed and dog group. Dogs that have success performing in shows and competitions will fall at the higher end of the price range.

Choosing a Puppy Instead

White, brown, and white dog jumping through a yellow ringChoosing a puppy from your stud’s litter can provide you with an additional dog to continue your sire’s show dog legacy, as well as becoming a future sire or dam itself. Additionally, getting the first pick of your stud’s litter gives you an example of the puppies your dog can sire. This puppy can help showcase your stud dog and its accomplished lineage, which can lead to more interest in your stud dog’s services. That being said, if you decide to receive payment in the form of a puppy, it’s important you make sure you have the space, time, and money to take proper care of another dog.

Include Price in Contract

When studding your dog, always ensure a written contract has been made with signatures from both the stud owner and dam owner. The form of payment you choose, including any additional fees like travel and boarding expenses, should be included in the contract. This contract and the terms should be written out and signed by both parties before a stud and dam are mated.

If you are choosing a puppy in place of a cash payment, include the pick-up date in the contract. Many stud owners select their pick of the litter when the puppies are around 7 weeks old. The stud owner then gets the first pick of the litter before anyone else.

Managing High-Demand Studs

As a stud owner, you may occasionally find your dog to be in high demand. If this happens, you must pick and choose which dams to mate your dog with instead of overbreeding him. Overbreeding your stud can lower the quality of his sperm. This, in turn, decreases the likelihood of successful pregnancies with large, healthy litters. Remember that the purpose of dog breeding is to further improve your dog’s breed, so this should be a main factor when selecting offers. Slightly raising your fee is a natural way to decrease demand and keep your stud’s offspring healthy.

Be a Responsible Stud Dog Owner

As a stud owner, you hold partial responsibility for the health of your dog’s litter. Your dog should only be used as a stud if it has a clear health screening from your vet, it doesn’t have a history of health problems, and it’s an appropriate age for breeding. Stud owners should have official papers available for dam owners that show the stud’s genetic background and ancestors. These same standards should be followed by the dam’s owners to ensure responsible breeding and healthy puppies.


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