Seller Policy

Only 1 puppy per advertisement, but photos of the parents and several of the puppy are ok. You may NOT list several puppies under one ad. NO "Litter expected by so and so date" listings!

Any ads placed containing more than one puppy will be DELETED. Any ads that are modified after being listed to include multiple puppies will be deleted WITHOUT a refund. (multiple pictures of the same puppy are good and encouraged, as well as the puppy's parents. See note below about group puppy pictures)

Also forbidden is wording like "this puppy has 20 brothers and sisters that are also for sale", etc. Thank you for your understanding. (Sorry for all the "No" this and "No!" that stuff-we do love you folks that advertise with us)

Here's how it works:

  • Fill in your information, along with a picture, puppy details and description.
  • Please do not advertise whole litters in one listing. Any ads like this will be deleted and your money refunded. (we do appreciate your business but we have to maintain our guidelines)
  • Setup as many ads as you want, and then checkout with a credit card on our secure server.
  • Customers contact you directly, and deal with you directly.
  • You can update the picture(s) as often as you like. The title, name, birth date, and breed cannot be updated after the listing is created.
  • Your ad will expire automatically after 30, 45, or 60 days, depending on which ad tier you choose.
  • We reserve the right to edit or delete any ad for misuse or policy violations.
  • Litter videos are allowed ONLY if there are separate listings purchased for each puppy in the video. Group pictures are not allowed on an ad under any circumstances.