Buying Your New Puppy

At Lancaster Puppies, we are thrilled to join you on your journey to finding the perfect pup! It’s our mission to connect people with puppies, and to help breeders find their puppies forever homes. If you’ve found us, then you’re ready to take the plunge and we would love to guide you. Take a look at our purchasing guide and take the next step into bringing your furry friend home.

1. Decide on a Breed

The first thing you should do when buying a puppy is do some research on different breeds to figure out the right fit for you. Think about your lifestyle and hobbies. Do you live in an apartment? If so, you may want to choose a smaller breed that doesn’t bark much. Are you someone who loves to exercise? Consider an energetic breed that can keep up with you!

Taking your habits and lifestyle into consideration will help ensure that you and your puppy will be a great match.

2. Browse for Puppies

Once you’ve determined the best breed for you, it’s time for the fun part: picking out a puppy! When browsing the listings on Lancaster Puppies, you can sort the puppies by breed, price, listing date, and state. The results will appear, and show you all the puppies currently ready to find their new forever homes.

When you see a puppy that you just can’t live without, click on the puppy’s picture and it will take you to their ad listing. Some information about the pup will be below his or her image, and the breeder's contact information will be listed under “See Seller Details”. 

3. Research the Breeder

At Lancaster Puppies we have an extensive network of breeders, and all at your fingertips! So once you find the puppy you’ve been waiting for, feel free to take a look at their seller profile. You’ll get a good idea of where the breeder is, how to get into contact with them, and what they’re all about. These profiles, along with the puppy description provided, can be a great jumping off point in finding the right breeder for you

4. Connect with Your Breeder

After you’ve chosen a puppy and identified the breeder, it’s time to connect! Use the breeder’s contact information on the puppy page to correspond with them, either with a call or over email. Each breeder has different preferences, but as long as you keep that in mind reaching out is a piece of cake - and brings you closer to taking your pup home.

5. Payment Options and Recommendations

Due to high demand, some breeders may require a deposit in order to hold your puppy until you can pick him or her up. If the breeder you are working with requests a deposit, use a secure method like Consumer Safety Group (CSG) or PayPal to remain protected during the exchange. Using these two services provides you with the backing of well-trusted and secure institutions, to offer a safeguard against potential scams or fraud. Also, by using a credit card during these transactions, you can dispute charges if necessary. 

6. Visit Your Puppy

Once the breeder has received your deposit, schedule a time to visit your puppy! If you want to bring the puppy home right away, be sure to verify that he or she is old enough to leave home. PA law requires puppies to be at least 8 weeks old before they’re eligible for adoption, and other states vary. If your pup is ready to go, congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a new puppy!