Lancaster Puppies: Our Privacy Policy

The intention of this page is to inform you about the privacy policy that dictates the use, maintenance and functioning of this website ( Because we value the safety and security of our customers’ personal information, you can rest assured that all of the data we exchange or collect from you is guarded with the highest degree of caution. We vow only to collect those pieces of information that are required to deliver the requested service you have contacted us about.

Lancaster Puppies is a trusted digital marketing source for those looking to connect with the puppy of their dreams. We take your business seriously and thank you for continuing to do business with Lancaster Puppies!

What Information Does Lancaster Puppies Collect About My Website Visit Automatically?

As you know, to access information such as brochures, PDFs or image files, information needs to be exchanged between our website and your device(s) to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience with our service.

In general, you can expect Lancaster Puppies website to collect the following about your browsing experience:

  • Although there are areas on our website where we invite you to connect with Lancaster Puppies through contact forms or social media accounts, we do not ask you to provide any personal or identifying information unless you choose to do so first.
  • We gain access to basic metrics intended to help us optimize our customer’s website experience, which include but are not limited to numbers of visits to specific landing pages, time spent on pages and goal event tracking (i.e. tracking the number of downloads for a PDF).
  • We also gain access to information about the type of browser and network you use to visit our website, again, so we can utilize this information to identify problems with the website or areas where content can be added.
  • Metadata connected to website visits include the day, time and language settings you have enabled on your device.

Additional Information Lancaster Puppies May Collect About Customer Experience

Importantly, if you do choose to contact us using one of the formal submission forms on our website, you should know that we will collect and reserve the right to store any personally identifying information. This includes but is not limited to: your name, phone number, email address, etc.

If your inquiry requires us to connect you with a seller, or vice versa, we will use personal information you provide to expedite services as efficiently as possible. However, if you are not comfortable with your personal information being given to any third party, we are prepared to honor your request but this may lead to an inability to execute services.

Once Lancaster Puppies Has My Information, How Long Will Data Be Stored?

Because every transaction and puppy adoption process is unique, we promise our customers that we will only retain personal information for as long as necessary. This prevents us, however, from being able to give an absolute deadline as to when personal information is unloaded.

What Can I Do to Protect My Personal Data While Browsing

As with any other website, you should refrain from including personally identifying information or details in e-mails. Please use the dedicated forms to contact Lancaster Puppies, which helps us to ensure the safety of your personal data. This particularly applies to credit card information, which should never be provided casually through electronic communications that are not secured.

What About My Cookies – Does Lancaster Puppies Retain These?

When you accept using cookies to access our site, you are also agreeing to the cookies that can interact with through third-party widgets. An example of this are social network icons, which operate through sources such as Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn. You are not in any way required to accept cookies, but you will encounter issues when trying to view our content.

How Does Lancaster Puppies Get Access to My Personal Information?

In order to understand the browsing experience, content preferences, and trends of our online users, our company uses an analytical tool called “Google Analytics”. Using this platform, we can understand which pages drive the highest engagement, for example, or what times of day or day of the week customers look for content.

Because we use this tool, we gain access to only the IP address that is assigned to you on the date you accessed our website. We in no way combine virtual information about a customers’ site visit with personal information exchanged through the provision of a service.

If you are interested in accessing more information about the type of information Google Analytics collects, you can visit their Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy. In the event you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, you can simply disable cookies on your browser.

Facebook for Lancaster Puppies – Third-Party Tracking

As you will notice, we have links so you can follow us on social media to stay up to date with all of our new arrivals. Please note that, by using our website and/or social media, it is possible that some of your website visit information can be passed between Facebook (a third-party company) and Lancaster Puppies. This is also the case for many of our additional channels, not just Facebook. These tools are again intended to provide information that can be used to enhance your experience. Please let Lancaster Puppies know if you would like us to remove your information from our cache.

We also recommend that you navigate to the Facebook Pixels Data Policy.

A Note About Lancaster Puppies Policy on Unauthorized Use

Lancaster Puppies strongly holds that tampering with this system or its supporting features and platforms may be subject to legal penalties. Lancaster Puppies fully cooperates with law enforcement officials as necessary.

Account Deletion Policy

The Lancaster Puppies Account Deletion Policy outlines the company’s standard account deletion practices, and the policy addresses the requirement for having a company practice associated with account deletion. When a Lancaster Puppies user requests their account be deleted, Lancaster Puppies manually processes the account deletion and will reach a conclusion within 10 business days on whether Lancaster Puppies can fully delete the account or delete the public online information of the account and retain select information that is required for the legal purpose of retaining receipts for accounting and documentation. Accounts that were considered only a user account and not used to purchase advertising will be deleted within 10 business days of the deletion request. Accounts that were used to purchase advertising will be archived to only retain the information that Lancaster Puppies deems necessary for the legal purpose of retaining receipts for accounting and documentation; and Lancaster Puppies will have all publicly accessible information removed from accounts used to purchase advertising within 10 business days of the deletion request.

If a user creates content through advertising with Lancaster Puppies, all photos, videos, and description will be deleted upon 60 days of the advertisements’ expiration. An order receipt will be retained for legal purposes and will include Billing name, address, advertisement name, breed, advertisement type, and totals.

Lancaster Puppies App Permissions Policy

Lancaster Puppies collects/transmits/syncs/stores photos and videos from your devices’ camera and your devices’ photos and videos to allow you to upload photos to your public advertisements and public profile. Lancaster Puppies also uses your location in order to show you advertisements based on your location. Lancaster Puppies pushes notifications to your devices in order to notify you of advertisements meeting the criteria of the set notifications enabled on the user account settings even when the app is not in use. Lancaster Puppies also pushes notifications for messages sent by Lancaster Puppies and other Lancaster Puppies users allowing you to get notified of messages even when the app is not in use.

Lancaster Puppies Personal and Sensitive User Data

Lancaster Puppies collects basic user information including Name, address, email address, and phone number for all users creating an account with Lancaster Puppies. This information is used by Lancaster Puppies to identify users. User identity is needed for account verification to help prevent scamming and to prevent bots from creating accounts. A Lancaster Puppies user’s name, phone number, and email may be shared with another user if they send a message while using their Lancaster Puppies account.

The only case where Lancaster Puppies shares user information publicly is in the case where the user completes a seller profile and contact in order to publicly advertise their goods. Seller Profiles and Contacts can include: Name, Photo, Profile Description, Breeds, City, State, Zip Code, Hours of Operation, as well as a website link, PayPal payment link, and Consumer Safety Group payment link. Public profiles and contacts can be seen online for users anytime there is an active advertisement associated with the users’ profiles and contacts.

Lancaster Puppies only collects payment information in the case where a user chooses to purchase advertisement from Lancaster Puppies, and Lancaster Puppies never processes or stores full payment information directly on Lancaster Puppies. Lancaster Puppies saved payment profiles can be permanently deleted from the account settings.