About Lancaster Puppies

LancasterPuppies.com advertises puppies for folks throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Michigan, and Indiana, and we strive to make each purchase a memorable and exciting one for everyone involved. We are not a puppy mill. We are a classified website where sellers and breeders can list their animals and find loving, caring homes for their furry friends.Puppies for Sale

Our Involvement

We aim to make the website a safe, friendly place where we can match breeders and families. We continuously scan the listings on our site for fraudulent content and scams. Once we are notified of a potential puppy mill or dishonest seller, we investigate, pull the ads, and ban the advertisers if necessary. Above all, we care about the listings with our organization, and we will remove any suspicious or known puppy mills from the website. We expect that advertisers be truthful, adhere to the law, and provide accurate descriptions of the puppies they raise and sell.

That said, we simply do not have the manpower or time to personally inspect or certify each breeder that lists on our site. Since we sell ads for only $15, it would not be cost-effective for our team to travel to other states to certify or inspect breeders. Instead, we rely on our customers and word-of-mouth reports, and we promptly remove any dishonest breeders from our site.

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