Standard Poodles - A Breed to Consider (If You are Smart Enough)

 Monday Jan 04,2016
By  Lancaster Puppies

Standard Poodles are non-shedding, large-sized dogs with above-average intelligence. Since most people don't enjoy having pets that are smarter than they are, the Poodle breed usually enjoys smart owners. Indeed, Poodle owners think they are smarter than everyone else, sometimes only because they own a Poodle. If you hang around a Standard Poodle long enough, you will get the impression that it's holding you to a high standard and is disappointed if you don't meet those standards. Maybe that's why Poodle owners seem haughty, they are constantly being groomed in manners and professional etiquette by their dogs.

Breed Characteristics

Putting humorous stereotypes aside, Standard Poodles are very intelligent, easy-to-train dogs that do well with people with allergies. They are an active sporting class of dogs, however, and so they should be exercised regularly, especially since they have such a keen intellect and will be prone to mischief if bored (the American Kennel Club rates the Standard Poodle as a “Medium” active breed). In fact, Standard Poodles must be disciplined with consistency (not inhumanely) and with authority or your Poodle will begin to assume you are not worth listening to.

The average weight of a Standard Poodle is 45-70 pounds with males being generally heavier than females. The coats, while non-shedding and great for people with allergies, do require lots of grooming and regular clipping. The coat should not be neglected or it gets matted and is very uncomfortable for the dog and quite ugly to look at.

The colors of Standard Poodles can vary like most purebred dogs. There are ten acceptable colors – such as Cream, Black, White, Brown, Red, Silver, and more - recognized by AKC although Parti, or multi-colored, Standard Poodles are becoming very desired among Poodle enthusiasts.

Standard Poodle History

The history of the Standard Poodle is interesting, considering the pompous reputation it has achieved in modern times. Although the Poodle is thought to have originated in Germany it was later used in France as a water retriever and was used extensively in duck hunting. It was prized for its keen intelligence (which we've already covered), curly and moisture-resistant coat, and webbed feet which adapted it to damp conditions very well. The tradition of its exaggerated, puffy hairstyles began in the Victorian era when women wanted their Poodles to compliment their own wardrobe and hairstyles.

Regardless of your income, you will find the Poodle to be a bright, intelligent, eager, and happy pet although it is good to know the needs of the breed so the Poodle can be as happy as its owner!

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