Unique Poodle-Mix Breeds: Combinations You May Not Know

 Thursday Aug 19,2021
By  Lancaster Puppies

One of the reasons poodles are used to breed hybrids now more than ever is because of the shift in what we call the puppies resulting from these unions. Today, these offspring are known as “mixes”, not “mutts”! 

Due to this, people have grown more aware of the benefits that result from crossing Poodles with other popular breeds. To name a few, high intelligence, hypoallergenic coats, and a healthy disposition are included among these. 

Read on to learn more about interesting hybrids, as well as the benefits you will enjoy from the Poodle combination!

Stand Out With Rare Poodle Mix Puppies

Brown and white Corgipoo puppyIf you’re the kind of dog owner who will enjoy people taking notice of your poodle mix breed during morning or evening strolls, you’ll want to pay attention to the following poodle mix combinations. 

You’ll also want to avoid choosing Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Cavapoos, and Maltipoos. These tend to be a few of the more popular choices that have grown in popularity over recent years.   

5 Lesser-Known Poodle Cross Breeds: 

  1. Aussiepoo: Choose from beautiful color combinations made famous by the Australian Shepard’s long, wavy coat. Options range from mottled blue and white, to tan and brown. Don’t be surprised if this hybrid attempts to herd your family members!
  2. Corgipoo: A small stature and peppy personality make the Corgi a perfect crossbreeding option! You can expect your Corgipoo to reach between 12 to 40 pounds as an adult.  
  3. Schnoodle: Already a popular family pet, the Miniature Schnauzer possesses a strong loyalty to family. A companion dog, you can be sure you’ll lap will never be empty again.
  4. Boxerdoodle: Perfect for the big dog lover who enjoys a more subdued buddy than a purebred Boxer. One downside you should prepare for is that this is one of the higher-end (aka more expensive) hybrid poodle mixes available. 
  5.  Doxiepoo: All of the benefits of the playful, calm nature of the Poodle with the guard dog qualities of the Doxen. This breed typically interacts well with children and adults, with an ability to treat both with gentleness and tolerance.   

At Lancaster Puppies, you can find the perfect match regardless of the unique poodle mix breed you are looking for! Browse animals by location, breeder, or type. 

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Poodle-Mix Spotlight: Whoodle

Black Whoodle puppy on a red flannel blanketAn Active, Friendly Companion

Even those who are familiar with extensive dog breeds may have trouble identifying the partner to this combination! 

Also known as the Wheatendoodle, these hybrids are famous for their soft, curly coats and timid demeanors. They maintain the size of their Wheaten Terrier roots over time.  

Easy to Train, Perfect for Families

Although high energy is certainly an adjective that applies to the Whoodle, their intelligence makes them capable of training with medium effort. 

Taking about an hour or so a day for exercise should help to curb unwanted behavior. 

Poodle-Mix Spotlight: Bordoodle 

The Dog Who Has Never Met a Stranger

Perfect for any member of the family, Bordoodles are ideal companions for those ranging from childhood through senior adulthood. These dogs show great loyalty to those close to them but are rarely if ever aggressive. 

A Great Option For Those Who Work Away From Home

As many people discovered while spending more time working from home, it’s important to match your ability to spend time with your future dog with how much you need to be away for work or other commitments. 

The Bordoodle is a great option for those who spend some time away during the day, which is not the case for all breeds! Intelligent and capable, the Bordoodle will do well as long as they are provided with ample toys, entertainment, and bedding.

Get Matched With the Perfect Mixed Poodle Puppies!

Now that you understand a few of the more and less common combinations of Poodle breeds, the hard part of the new puppy adoption process begins. You have to decide which is the right fit for you.

Luckily, you can choose from more than 10,000 puppies and dogs who are waiting to be chosen. AKC, ACA, ICA, CKC, and APRI registered pets are available. 

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