Back-to-School: The Best Time of the Year to Buy a Puppy

 Tuesday Aug 09,2022
By  Lancaster Puppies

With all the excitement of back-to-school season, you might not think it’s a good time to add a new furry friend to your family. Whether it’s your kindergartener’s first ever day to school, your pre-teen leaping into middle school, or your college student moving away from home, you’re stressed out and busy. But back-to-school is actually a great time to purchase a puppy! Read on to learn why.

Puppies Often Cost Less During Back-to-School

new puppy's first veterinarian visit

If you’re thinking back-to-school is too busy a time to buy a puppy, you’re not alone. Many future dog owners put their search on hold during this time, reducing the demand for puppies. Just because there is less demand for puppies doesn’t mean momma dogs aren’t giving birth, however. This leads to less demand for puppies while there is still the same supply as throughout the year. Breeders will often reduce their prices to compensate for the reduced demand. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on your new puppy, now is the time to buy!

It’s Easier to Schedule Your Vet Visits

When you buy a puppy, you need to take it to a vet for a check-up to provide them with records from the breeder, and receive any shots or medicine that the breeder hasn't given them yet. At busier times of the year, like Christmas, your preferred veterinarian might not be taking new patients, but it’s best not to delay several months for your first visit. Because people are buying less puppies during back-to-school, you’re more likely to get an appointment with your preferred vet. You can even get a perfect time to fit around your schedule.

Great For Kids During This Busy Time

school girl hugging a new puppy

You’re not the only one who is stressed by back-to-school; your children are stressed, too! A fantastic source of stress relief in children is a pet dog. A recent study found that schoolchildren who spent time with dogs had significantly lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels. All dogs provide this stress relief, but a trained emotional support dog would be even better for your child.

Dogs not only relieve stress for children, they also help facilitate learning in children. Specifically, dogs teach responsibility, help with social skills, and develop speech in young children. Anyone who has owned a pet knows that it’s a serious responsibility and daily commitment to take care of the pet. Children can take on some of the responsibilities of a pet dog (when age appropriate), like feeding, walking, and playing. This will help them manage responsibilities later in life. Children will also socialize with dogs, practicing confidence in giving orders to “sit” or explaining things in their surroundings. Lastly, children can improve their speech by talking to dogs. They’ll be less shy in speaking to dogs and might even read their pet a children’s book, practicing what they’ve learned at school.

Fill Your Empty Nest

When you’re a parent of a burgeoning adult, it is bittersweet when they leave the house for the first time. Your child could be heading off to college or simply moving out and starting a career. Either way, you’re both happy and proud of your kid but sad that you won’t see them as often. This mixture of emotions is referred to as Empty Nest Syndrome.

Nothing will replace your child and they’ll always be an important part of your life, but a new puppy can help with the feelings of loneliness you might have. Just like with children, dogs provide stress relief to adults. They’ll also provide you with the companionship you need while your kids are away. Lastly, the responsibility of caring for your new puppy can satisfy your parental needs to care for someone.

Ready to Adopt a Puppy During Back-to-School?

Have you decided that now is the best time to add a furry friend to your family? Back-to-school season is a great time to save money, get that first vet appointment, help in the development of your young child, or fill an empty nest. Browse the listings available on Lancaster Puppies and find your new puppy today!