Breed Spotlight: Schnauzers

 Tuesday Jun 06,2023
By  Lancaster Puppies

As the loyal working dogs of German farmers, Schnauzers make excellent, lovable additions to families with kids. They are intelligent, easy to train, and hypoallergenic. Learn more about these affectionate pups.

Breed History

Standard Schnauzer characteristics: Affectionate, Intelligent, Good with Kids, Hypoallergenic, PlayfulSchnauzers come in three varieties, standard, giant, and miniature, all of which can trace their origins to Germany in the Middle Ages. They are a working breed, originally bred for guard duty and rat catching. Over the years, they were bred up and down in size to make them more suitable for cattle driving and rat-catching, respectively. The Standard Schnauzers were popular show dogs as soon as they arrived in the U.S. but it took until the 1920s and ‘30s for the miniature and giant varieties to be recognized as separate breeds.

Schnauzer Characteristics

Appearance & Coat

Schnauzers are squarely built with distinctively long-haired snouts and eyebrows. Their tails are typically cropped and sometimes their ears are as well. Their coats are often stiff and wiry and come in black, salt & pepper, or gray.


All Schnauzers are intelligent and loyal to their families. This makes them easy to train and great guard dogs. They are, however, territorial which makes them apprehensive of strangers and a bit loud.


The Schnauzer is a very healthy breed that is free from many health concerns others might be subject to. Nonetheless, you should always test your dogs for hip dysplasia and eye diseases, just in case. 

Caring for a Schnauzer

Schnauzer’s Ideal Home

Schnauzers are excellent with children of all ages but do better in a single-pet home. Their rat-catching instincts can cause trouble with smaller pets. They have a tendency to bark; living in an apartment or townhouse, they might annoy your neighbors. They love exploring, so a fenced-in yard would be ideal to allow them to safely roam.

Training Best Practices

Schnauzers were used by the German army as dispatch carriers and Red Cross aides

Schnauzers are extremely intelligent, making them rather easy to train. Use positive reinforcement over a few repetitions and they’ll catch on quickly. Because of their wits, Schnauzers can become bored after just a few repetitions so keep training sessions short.

Exercise Needs

The energetic Schnauzer needs plenty of exercise but it can come from a variety of activities. Schnauzers will enjoy playing with other dogs, going on long hikes, or agility training all with enthusiasm. Find a fun activity that suits your lifestyle and do it often!

Grooming & Hygiene

Schnauzers are hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed. That being said, you still need to groom them, washing their beards and hand stripping their coats often. With all dogs, you should trim their nails regularly.

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