Do Goldendoodles Shed? How to Prepare for Your New (Furry) Best Friend

 Tuesday Feb 23,2021
By  Lancaster Puppies

If you were one of millions who spent the last year upgrading your interior, you might be wondering: which dog breed will do the least damage to my furniture when it comes to excess hair? Luckily, you have several options! But one of the most popular is none other than the Goldendoodle. In addition to blending the best of both Golden Retrievers and Standard or Mini-Poodles, this is one furry companion that can potentially mesh well with your pad’s new layout. 

With a little background information and grooming basics, you can decide which type of Goldendoodle hair is the best for your budget and your home decor theme. Does it matter whether you choose a larger or smaller Goldendoodle, when it comes to excess hair? Are there ways to tell how much one puppy will shed, relative to another of the same breed? If these are questions you have been wondering about, continue reading. We’ll tackle this and whether there is truth when people say, “Choose a Goldendoodle because they never shed.”

Embrace the Best of Both Worlds: Crossing Golden Retrievers with Poodles

Goldendoodle puppy wearing a pink harness and leashWhy combine a Golden Retriever with a Poodle in the first place? Whether your pup is a mixture of a standard-sized poodle or a miniature one, you will enjoy the benefits that are associated with the breed, which includes a keen intelligence. As such, you can plan on spending less time training your poodle both for skills or housebreaking. Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, are well known for their friendly disposition which makes them a perfect choice for a family or companion animal and a popular breed for mixing custom combinations. As you can see, when it comes to the “inside” of a Goldendoodle, “loyal, smart, friendly and eager to train” are all appropriate descriptors.   

But what does this mean for the shedding question - are Goldendoodles a good option for people looking for a non-shedding breed? This depends upon your individual puppy. Believe it or not, your furry friend is more akin to a snowflake than a generalizable formula in that he or she is unique. As stated above, your Goldendoodle is a combination of the best of two different breeds. That is, you cannot determine if one Goldendoodle will shed more or less than another merely by looking at them. Because this breed is a hybrid of two types, what you can expect from their fur largely depends upon which “side” your puppy leans toward. One that takes on more qualities from the Golden Retriever parent’s line can be expected to shed more (as does the original breed). A puppy that takes after its Poodle parent, can be expected to shed less in general.  

Truth vs. Fiction: Do Goldendoodles Shed a Lot?

  • You can expect the same from either “version” small or large: Whether you are looking for a large or small non-shedding dog, the actual physical size of your future best friend does not make a difference when it comes to what to expect from their hair care needs.  
  • What’s your Goldendoodle’s type? According to groomers, this breed typically presents with one of three types of hair: straight, wavy, or curly. As you might have guessed, straight hair is usually regarded as the easiest when it comes to care, as brushing is effortless and bathing is less burdensome. As the medium difficulty option, wavy hair is actually the most common type you will encounter. The ability of curly hair to develop into unruly, tight ringlets requires the skills of a professional groomer if you do not happen to be one yourself!
  • Typical grooming costs for a Goldendoodle: Seeing as the most popular types of coats include the more difficult-to-manage options, you should most likely budget professional grooming into your future puppy’s monthly list of fees. Depending upon where you live and whether “mom and pop” businesses have a presence there, on the high end, you should budget for about $100 per session. In terms of timing, most Goldendoodles should be professionally trimmed every 7 to 12 weeks depending upon their hair growth. Don’t forget to ask groomers to shave or pull the hair from the inside of the ear, as this is also a popular area for Goldendoodles to encounter mats or tangles.    

As you can gather, there is much more that goes into planning which type of Goldendoodle is the right one for you. On top of deciding upon a larger or smaller puppy, you can also ponder whether the type of hair it has is better or worse for your wallet before making your decision. This way, you can be sure to finance the right amount relative to the type of dog you select. 

Curly, Wavy, or Straight? Whatever You Decide, There’s a Goldendoodle For You!

Now that you understand what is needed when it comes to planning for the grooming needs of your future best friend, you can decide which variation is right for you (and your budget). If you would prefer to keep costs lower, you can always find a straight-haired Goldendoodle. If the curly locks of the ringlet option strike your fancy, simply know moving forward that more will be required when it comes to managing the mane situation.   

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