Five Examples of Healthy Supplements and Extra Nutrition for Dogs

 Monday Nov 02,2020
By  Lancaster Puppies

Lately, there's been a surge of interest in CBD products for people - and dogs! When it comes to the health of your pup, it's more important than ever to do some research. We've taken a look at some of the top variants of supplements for pups, including CBD products, to give you a good idea of what to look for.

Read on to learn more about the steps you can take when it comes to ensuring the long, happy life of your dog!

1. CBD Supplements: What Would My Vet Say About Using These for My Dog?

We can always turn to the personal recommendations and opinions of educated veterinary professionals! According to one poll from the Brightfield Group and Nielsen, when asked about whether vets used CBD products on their own pets at home, nearly 60 percent confirmed doing so during 2017. In that same year, nearly 70 percent of those animal medical professionals polled reported considering CBD to be somewhat helpful for the management of anxiety in pets.

On the plus side, a lack of beneficial data is also matched with a near absence of information that would suggest the use of CBD supplements for canines can cause moderate or serious harm. At 80 percent, vets were overwhelmingly supportive of the notion that no significant side effects had been witnessed during their practice. 

2. CBD Oils vs. Hemp Oils: Understanding the Basic Differences and Benefits for Canines

Woman feeding a Siberian Husky from her hand

In addition to understanding the differences between CBD and THC, it is important to realize that Hemp Oil and CBD Oil supplements are not one and the same, either. The former of these are made from a process that includes extracting oil from hemp seeds, whereas the latter is made from extractions from the actual plant.

Where hemp oil can be an excellent source of plant-based protein generally, the process used to obtain CBD renders it a more appropriate one for regulating biological functions, including hormones, sleep, mood, and immunity.

3. Supplements That Are Generally Recommended for Family Pets, Regardless of Type

Calcium, B vitamins, and antioxidants, for example, are all great places to start when looking to fill in the gaps that your pet might be missing in their day-to-day meals. The first of these is crucial for the strength of your pup’s dentition, whereas antioxidants help to ward off infections, diseases, and even cancer. 

Last but not least, B vitamins (of which there are several!) can be given to boost cell growth and division on top of being picked up by your pet’s skin, eye, and liver cells which additionally benefit.

4. Specific Supplements: Options and Basics

If you are partial to canine companions, all supplements are not created equal when it comes to investing in their long-term health. Features you should look for when selecting a supplement include ones that are comprehensive, are labeled with “all in one” formulas, support a healthy immune system, and mention benefitting coat and skin health. 

You should also know that most supplements on the market have widely available comments and reviews online, as well as through your veterinarian. If your dog suffers from hairballs, you should also consider boosting his diet with one capable of managing digestion.

5. The Final Combo: Benefits from Niacin, Riboflavin, and B12

In addition to the supplements listed above, you can incorporate a broad range into Fido’s diet, regardless of which brand you are providing them daily as their major source of nutrition. Riboflavin, Niacin, and B12 are a trifecta of goodness for your pup, as these help their enzymes function properly. Vitamin C interestingly, unlike in humans, is already produced naturally within your dog’s liver, although it still serves the same purpose of functioning as an antioxidant.

Interested in learning more about the potential benefits of the supplements and solutions mentioned above? Check out the American Veterinary Medical Association’s snapshot article addressing these and more options you might consider.