Lancaster Puppies Reviews

 Wednesday Nov 16,2022
By  Lancaster Puppies

We started Lancaster Puppies so people in our area had a safe place to find their next best friend. We have grown a lot since then, but our goal is still to connect people searching for puppies to reputable breeders near them. 

As our site grows we work hard to verify that the breeders advertising with us are reputable and the puppies they are selling are happy and healthy. To do this we rely heavily on our customers’ feedback, both positive and negative. When we hear from a user that a breeder isn’t operating up to our standards we investigate, and ban the breeder if necessary. 

How to Spot Bad Puppy Reviews

Like any industry, the puppy world can be susceptible to inaccurate or malicious reviews that do not accurately represent breeders or classified websites. As you are looking for your new puppy it is important to be able to decipher between valid complaints and false or exaggerated reviews written by a disgruntled user. Lancaster Puppy reviews are generally honest and positive, but over the years we have encountered false or exaggerated reviews and have learned some techniques for spotting them. 

Look Out For Extreme Emotions

If you are reading a review and it is filled with negative emotion, it could mean that the reviewer is simply trying to damage a business’s reputation based on their bad experience. An example of an emotional bad Lancaster Puppy review could be something like, “Our dog is out of control, the breeder is the worst!” This customer may have gotten a dog that is too energetic for them to handle, and they take out that negative emotion on the breeder they purchased from. 

The Reviewer Isn’t Actually a Lancaster Puppies User

These reviews are typically written by people who have heard rumors or had a family member who had a poor experience with a puppy site or breeder. These reviews usually don’t provide any personal information, and just state a negative attribute of the breeder or site. 

The Review Focuses on Small or Unimportant Details

Another way to spot a bad Lancaster Puppies review is if the user focuses on small details that aren’t relevant to Lancaster Puppies or the service we provide. Bad Lancaster Puppy reviews often are worded like we are the breeder, but in reality, we are simply a classifieds website to connect puppies with their new home. 

What Makes Good Lancaster Puppy Reviews?

A good Lancaster Puppies review consists of honest comments about the website and experience that lead them to contact a breeder. A good review won’t include any of the features we outlined earlier in this blog, but could be negative or positive. We love hearing from our satisfied users, but we also want to learn about ways our site can be improved to better serve our users and listing breeders. 

Since we started Lancaster Puppies 15 years ago it has been our joy to hear how the puppies sold on our site have positively impacted families across the country. Our testimonials page is full of incredible stories, but we want to hear yours! Submit your testimonial here, we can’t wait to hear from you.