New Website Incoming!

 Tuesday Oct 24,2023
By  Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies is happy to announce that we are launching our new website design on November 6th! With this enhanced design, you’ll find it easier to navigate, find puppies in your area, and list your litters for adoption. Check out some of the features you can look forward to!

We’ll Be Heading Into a Freeze

Before we take a look at the new features of this design, we wanted to let you know of an upcoming account freeze. In order to safely and securely transfer your account information, including the active listings of sellers, we’ll be freezing all account access from the evening of Friday, November 3rd  to November 6th. But don’t worry, you can still browse all of the available puppies during this time. Now, onto the exciting new features!

New Features for Buyers


In-Depth Breed Guides

Not sure what breed is right for your family? Our new breed guides will help you! For each dog breed on Lancaster Puppies, you’ll find the following information: breed history, size, lifespan, energy level, coat and appearance, shedding level, dog group, nicknames, temperament, activity level, health, and grooming requirements. All of these factors help you understand if a dog will fit your lifestyle. If it’s a match, you only need to scroll down to see all of our active listing of that breed!

Easily Find Sellers

If you’ve adopted puppies from a seller in the past that you’d like to adopt from again, or if you’ve received a recommendation from a friend, you can now search for specific sellers. Each seller on our new website will have a profile page where you can see all the puppies they have listed for sale, as well as their hours of operation and contact information. You can leave reviews about your experience with these sellers, too!

Improved Search

The new and improved search on Lancaster Puppies will load results almost instantaneously! Our search filters will also include extra information, like family-friendly, hypoallergenic, apartment-friendly, and more! These new filters are in addition to our already existing filters of age, size, gender, breed, color, state, registration, and price. You’ll be sure to find the right puppy for you, even if you’re unsure of the breed you’d like!


More Detailed Puppy Listings

Our new puppy ad listings provide you with more information to make a big decision a little easier for you. See puppy details, contact breeders, view breeder profiles, browse listing photos and videos, and view similar breeds all from one page. If you’re not ready to buy right now, you can favorite a puppy listing to save it for later.

New Features for Sellers

More Photos and Videos Available for Listings

You now have the option to add more photos and even videos to listings, which will help you increase your sales. The new Premium ad tier allows for up to 25 images and 3 videos and you can even upload images of the puppy’s dam and sire. The videos help to illustrate your puppy’s personality, helping customers to find their perfect match before visiting the pups in person. You can also edit your images within the seller dashboard!


List a Litter All At Once

When your dam delivers a litter, you can create multiple ads without typing in the litter info multiple times, saving you time! We now have the option to go through one process to add all the puppies in the litter. You start by entering shared information, such as the dam, sire, and their birthday. Then, you can add the specific information for each puppy in the litter, like their name and sex. Now, you instantly have multiple puppy ads with the click of one button! As a bonus, they'll connect to each other, so when a buyer falls in love with a puppy that is no longer available, they can easily purchase a brother or sister.

Enhanced Seller Dashboard

Our enhanced seller dashboard will improve your experience with an easier to navigate interface. Review and reply to all of your messages right from the seller dashboard. See performance statistics for all of your ads, including your number of live ads, your unread messages, the number of views your ads receive, and more!

Managing your ads has never been easier with this new dashboard. Search and find the ad you’re looking to edit instantly. No more endless scrolling! Like we mentioned above, you can also create multiple ads at once with our multi-puppy listing.

All of your contacts are also in one place where you can instantly search up the specific contact you’d like to edit. Just another new tool to help you manage your profile!