Things to Remember While Celebrating the Holidays With Your Dog

 Tuesday Dec 22,2015
By  Lancaster Puppies

The holiday season is a joyful time for everyone, including dogs! Be sure to keep the following things in mind when celebrating the holidays with your pooch.

Beware of Bones

Chicken and turkey bones can be bad for the cutest member of your family! Cooked bones can splinter and damage your dog's throat or intestines. Raw bones can contain harmful bacteria that can cause diarrhea. This can cause a lot of holiday stress for both you and your dog. No one likes stepping on Fido's little Christmas “presents” on the morning after Christmas.

However, bones aren't all bad. They give Fido something to do so he won't chew on the shiny new toys left around the house and they help his dental health. What to do? Rawhide bones are a great option! They will give your dog a healthy hobby and increase the holiday enjoyment of your entire family.

Stay Alert

Golden Retriever and a Christmas wreath

Robbery is at an all-time high during the holidays. Rows of picturesque houses all stuffed with brand new toys are a robber's dream. Fido has more sensitive ears than you do so use your dog as an alarm. If your little best friend is going crazy barking out the back window, go investigate. If there is a man with a sack over his shoulder and a ski mask laughing hysterically at your barking Chihuahua, think about adding a Rottweiler to your family for next Christmas. Obviously, if the robber is more than your Chihuahua can handle, call the police.

Notice Your Dog's Attitude Around Strangers

No one likes having their ankles chewed up into mincemeat pie. Be aware of your dog's attitude towards strangers. Your dog loves you and everyone he knows but he doesn't like strangers. You might know your great aunt Bertha but Fido doesn't and he sees it as his mission to eliminate the threat. It's rude to have a snapping, barking dog lurking around every corner and it puts stress on extended family and friends that might already be feeling a bit on edge. Then again, if your dog chases them off, it might prevent any awkward political discussions. How you deal with in-laws is up to you but be aware that other people do not necessarily love your dog as much as you do. Likewise, your dog doesn't love your great Aunt Bertha as much as you do. Give Fido a new rawhide bone as a consolation prize and lock him in the bathroom with his doggy bed. He will survive.

We hope that helps you have a Merry Christmas! If you're looking to add a puppy to your family this holiday season, find one on Lancaster Puppies today!

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