Tips for Vacationing With Your Dog

 Wednesday Sep 09,2020
By  Lancaster Puppies

Now that the beautiful and scenic autumn weather is about to make a return, you might be wondering about how to vacation with dogs or not just survive but thrive in an overnight hotel setting. Sound familiar? Read on to discover handy tips for vacationing with dogs, whether you are beach, mountain, or rolling plains bound.

Vacationing With Pups: What You Need to Know and How to Plan 

Red and white dog sitting in the back of a car with a blanket and food dish.

One of the first steps you should consider when planning your next trip with Fido along for the ride? Their personality! To be certain, no one knows your dog like you do. That’s why you should try to incorporate their potential preferences into not only your destination, but also your accommodations.

While you decide on a target location, think about your dog’s take on venues with lakes, beaches, hilly trails, or city streets. Which would your pup prefer? When selecting a hotel or home rental, apart from the obvious filter selection to ensure you are investing in a dog-friendly option, be sure you ask about policies regarding staying with your dog versus being allowed to leave for periods of time as long as a phone number to reach you is on hand.

Particularly depending upon the age of your dog, you should consider categories like noise level and the general level of crowdedness of the areas you plan to visit upon arrival. If you are from a small town and lodge in a bustling city, especially if this is your pup’s first time traveling, you will want to go prepared.

Dog Vacation Care: Additional Factors to Consider and What to Pack

Whether you are a first-time or long-time dog owner, you have probably already discovered some similarities between being a dog parent and having a toddler! Not unlike the latter, there are also several measures you can take to ensure your dog’s experience commuting to, staying at, and returning from your vacation.

Below you can find a few of our suggestions, and feel free to ask your veterinarian for tips about how to account for first aid and emergency measures at your next scheduled appointment.

Familiar Toy or Blanket

Although the image of a small child carrying around a blanket or teddy is not one you might think of when vacationing with Fido, they really help! Add in the keen sense of smell your pup has, and you can begin to appreciate the difference packing the right toy or familiar blanket can make. If you gave your dog a first item, that might be your best bet as it is likely your pup has internalized the scent.  

An Extra Set of Travel Identification Tags

Usually, one of the first things a new pet owner looks forward to is selecting the identification tags that will go on to show off your dog’s personality. But it often does not occur to even the most seasoned of pet owners to buy another set for times you’d like to travel with them along.

Keeping a spare set of harnesses, collars, leashes and tags in your car or luggage is a great way to prevent being stranded without these must-have items. In the worst-case scenario, however, you can always locate your nearest pet store, and obtain these items on the road or at your destination.

Before the fall season settles in and you solidify your next set of travel plans, consider the needs and other must-haves of your pup. In addition to taking these into account when selecting where it is you are traveling to; you should also proactively consider the experience your pet will have while at the hotel (as well as whether you will be required to be there 24/7). 

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