16 weeks 5 days old

Fredericksburg, OH




Birth Date

Jan 30, 2024



Available On

Apr 17, 2024




Generation P

Look at me! I am an APRI registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy!  I was born on January 30th and I am ready for my forever home! I have been family raised on a mini farm in the country. I have had my shots and dewormers. I will be checked by a veterinarian. I am microchipped. For more information or to schedule a visit with me, please contact Joe Monday through Saturday. All Sunday calls will be returned on Monday.

Here is some more information about the Cavalier -

Cavaliers are extremely loving dogs that are known to constantly have their tails wagging.  This breed is extremely loyal and dislikes being left alone.  They love to be with their owner, and will accompany them like a happy, little shadow.  Their desire to please makes them relatively easy to train, but because they have a very gentle personality, it would be helpful to reinforce good behavior rather than punish them for bad behavior.  This breed does have a high prey drive, so they may try to chase small animals.  It would be wise to keep them in an enclosed area and monitored, or kept on a leash so they don’t accidentally wander off.  This breed knows no stranger and craves attention from everyone they meet, which doesn’t make them a very good guard dog.  Because of their size, Cavaliers can adapt really well to living in an apartment, as long as they are receiving enough physical and mental exercise throughout the day.  It is vitally important not to take them on walks during the heat of the day, as they do not do well in extreme temperatures, and are especially intolerant to the heat. Their coat is relatively easy to maintain, but does need to be brushed to avoid tangling, especially the feathery hair around their ears and legs.  Although they are average shedders, their grooming is fairly easy to maintain, and their coats are often left longer for a more natural look.

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