12 weeks 2 days old

LaFayette, NY




Birth Date

Jan 30, 2024



Available On

Mar 28, 2024


Generation P

Meet our handsome Conan! Conan has a gorgeous physique, a strong build and a heart made to love! Conan is truly an outstanding puppy, head and shoulders above the rest! What makes our puppies extraordinary is how well they are cared for from day one. We only raise a few puppies each year. We treat our puppies as part of our family right from the start, because their parents are a part of our family. We dedicate ourselves to giving them the best quality of life possible and it is our goal to make sure that our puppies find the right home for them. It is extremely important to us that you come to meet our puppies in person. We want to meet the families our puppies are going to spend their lives with and make sure the puppies also make a connection to the family. 

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