11 weeks 1 days old

Millersburg, OH




Birth Date

Mar 10, 2024



Available On

May 10, 2024




Generation P

Look at me! I am an AKC French Bulldog puppy! I was born on March 10th and I am ready for my forever home! I have been family raised on a mini farm in the country around children. I have had my shots and dewormers. I have been checked by a veterinarian. I am microchipped. For more information or to schedule a visit with me, please contact Barb Monday through Saturday. All Sunday calls will be returned on Monday.

Some fun facts about the French Bulldog - 

French Bulldogs are commonly used as companion dogs and bond very well with their owners. They have an all around friendliness that makes them affectionate with their family, strangers, and even other dogs, but only if the breed is well socialized early on.  They are easy to train, and therefore excellent for first time dog owners.  Being companion dogs, they do not do very well being left alone, and do need their human family.  Although they can be very playful, they also have a relaxed nature and enjoy napping.  French Bulldogs can be quite comical and will often give lots of love, but that affection needs to be reciprocated.  This breed does not tolerate heat very well and owners should ensure that their pup is not overheating or overexerting themselves on hot days.  Although they do well around other dogs, especially if well socialized, they do have a tendency to be territorial and protective of their owners, so it is important they are exposed to other dogs as early as possible. French Bulldogs have small bodies that are generally very muscular, and short hair with loose, wrinkled skin that is very soft.  They do not require a lot of exercise but should be walked regularly to prevent excessive weight gain. Due to their low energy requirements they do not need a lot of exercise or large areas to play, and can adapt very well to apartment style living.  

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