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The Beabull is a popular cross between a Beagle and a English Bulldog. There are several reasons this combination is popular. There are also obvious genetics that come into play in determining what your Beabull will look like when full grown. For example, if a 1st generation Beabull is bred with a purebred English Bulldog, the puppies will strongly favor the English Bulldog. Because there is no official “Beabull” breed registry, (besides some designer registries, but all they do is provide that the dog is a Beagle Bulldog hybrid, they do not maintain written breed standards) there is no defined ideal breed standards for the Beabull.


First generation, for “F1” as they are known, Beabull's are the most popular. These dogs tend to favor the English Bulldog look, although with a more pronounced snout. (like the picture on the left)They are laid back, like the English Bulldog, and do not have the barking tendencies that Beagles are known for. First generation Beabulls are smaller than purebred English Bulldogs, weighing on average, 30-40 pounds. (basically, the average of the Beagle and English bulldog breeds) Beabull's tend to be stocky, similar to the English Bulldog. Since both Beagles and Bulldogs have shorter legs, Beabull's reflect this trait.


There are many genetic advantages to a Beabull, over a purebred English Bulldog. It is a simple fact of science that the broader the genetic base, the lower potential for problems. By combining the genetics of two bloodlines that have not been mixed for centuries, the result is less problems passed on. This is not to put down the English Bulldog breed, well bred Bulldogs can be as healthy as any mix. However, overall, Beabulls tend to be healthier than pure bred Bulldogs. Their nose is longer, which helps them breathe easier than a purebred English Bulldog. They are not as sensitive to hot climates. They have the cute wrinkles, but the wrinkles are not as deep or as tight, which in turn is less problematic. The dog on the right is a Beabull that favors the Beagle breed.


Beabulls have smaller heads, which means they can be delivered naturally. Most purebred English Bulldog births are done via C-section. A less complicated birth means healthier puppies, healthier momma, and lower costs, which means Beabull puppies usually cost less than English Bulldog puppies.


Another popular Beagle hybrid is the “Puggle”. We won't go into detail here, but the Puggle hybrid is bred for many of the same reasons Beabulls are. Pugs tend to have health issues due to their “pushed in” nose. By crossing the Pug with the Beagle you avoid many of these possible negative traits.


Of course, the problem with adopting a hybrid is that there is less predictability about how the dog will look and act as an adult. As long as you do not have an aversion to Beagles or Bulldogs, a hybrid will be a win win for you. If though, for some reason you hate one of the breeds involved, we recommend either a different hybrid or a purebred for you. However-if your not sure if you want a Beagle or an English Bulldog, a Beabull is a perfect choice!

Beabull puppies for sale in Pa and other states

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