Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep your prices so low?

Because you're buying directly from the puppy seller, overhead costs are kept to a minimum. So overall, dealing directly with sellers naturally results in lower costs.

How can I make sure the breeders are reputable?

When picking up your puppy, look around your surroundings. If the puppies are well-fed and socialized, and if the area is clean, the breeder is likely reputable. Take a look across the site for more tips on how to recognize reputable breeders.

Does Lancaster Puppies have a kennel?

We don't raise or sell puppies, and we don't keep them at our offices. Lancaster Puppies operates similarly to a classifieds ad for puppy sellers - we offer a way for puppy sellers and puppy buyers to connect.

Can I take the puppy home with me right away?

In most states, puppies need to be at least 8 weeks old before leaving home. Talk with the breeder to make sure your puppy is ready.

What's the next step after finding a puppy?

After finding the puppy for you, click on the image to find out more. A detailed listing will load with information about him or her and its seller. The seller's general location, phone number, and sometimes an email will be included. Contact the seller to set up arrangements for payment and then bring your new puppy home! Check around the site if you would like to know more about the process of buying a puppy.

Can I have my puppy delivered?

If you can't pick up your puppy in person, we recommend asking the breeder if they provide shipping or using these services.

Is there a health guarantee? What if my puppy gets sick?

If your puppy gets sick, take him or her to the vet right away and then contact the breeder. Puppies sold in Pa are covered by the Dog Purchaser Protection Act, but other states may differ. This means that every breeder is expected to offer a health guarantee up to 30 days after purchase.


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