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Welcome to Happy Paws! We are in love with Golden Retriever's and we raise them on our 100 acre farm! We adore each Golden Retriever dog and puppy we own. We bought our first Golden Retriever in November of 2013. The reason we chose this breed is we wanted loyal, friendly, loving, family type dogs. The Golden Retrievers are known to be good with children and their gentle nature also works great for older people as well. They are excellent therapy dogs too. The Golden Retriever dogs are easy to train because they are so willing to please you. Some of the activities that you can find us doing with our Goldens in the summer are swimming in ponds, chasing butterflies, playing fetch and going for walks. Wintertime activities include playing in the snow or just snuggled up in our cozy house. One of the reasons I would recommend adopting a Golden Retriever is they are great companions, very loyal and spread cheer wherever they go. They are friendly when they meet new people too. Here at Happy Paws, we like to provide high quality pure bred, lovable puppies for your new pet. Following are some of the things we like our customer to know before they buy one of our puppies. Having a dog is a responsibility, so make sure all members in your household all agree to buy a puppy. Are you prepared to buy a collar and a leash? Did you buy puppy food? Do you have a food and water dish? Doggie treats and toys are fun too! A puppy needs lots of love and attention and plenty of exercise daily. If you have any questions you are welcome to call us and we would be happy to answer them. We are available Monday through Saturday, so give us a call to set up an appointment to meet our cute and adorable little babies!

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