Abby the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

My family and I had been looking for a Bernese Mountain Puppy for a few months when we came upon the Lancaster Puppies site. My son's and I were on the web site often until we found the dog we were looking for. Once I laid eyes on our little Abby, I knew I had to have her. My Son's and I drove down to PA to meet Abby and when we saw her it was over from there. We all fell in love with her adorable face and great personality. We brought her home and right away she fit right in. My wife who was unsure of getting another dog thought Abby was so cute she fell in love with her right away as well. She is the most loving and caring dog you could ever meet. She is the greatest dog I have ever been around. I would not change her for the world. Thanks to Lancaster Puppies I have the best dog a family could ask for.