Marigold the Puggle

I am so very pleased to write this review about breeder Christina M. Martin of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. She is a few days away from announcing her beloved dog's new litter of puggle puppies, and I want to sing her praises because my little Merrigold who came from the first litter is the most perfect puppy that I've ever had the privilege to love. If the new puppies are anything like my Merrigold, they're the cutest smartest most loving puppies in the world. Merrigold has never barked a day in her life. She's super submissive but knows how to rough up her big sister (who I also found on Lancaster Puppies through another breeder)!! Merrigold was trained within weeks!! The breeder Christina has become my friend over the past seven months since collecting our little Merrigold. She cares for these puppies like none other. Merrigold came with a bath, toy, and health guarantee. If I had a farm, I'd take all of Christina's new little darlings!!!!!!!!! Located in Waynesboro Pennsylvania, about 3 hours east of Pittsburgh. If you want a cute little thing for your Christmas present, then contact Christina today!!!!!!!!! * In the attached picture, beautiful Merrigold stands on the left when facing the picture. Little beautiful Claudette (from an Indiana breeder) sits on the right.