Our amazing german shepherd puppy, Ripley

My daughter and I wanted to thank your website and our breeder, Elmer. We have had our little German Shepherd puppy, Ripley, for about 6 weeks now and it really couldn’t of gone better. She is a happy and healthy, beautiful girl with an amazing disposition. She’s such a joy to have, we feel so lucky! We are actually told almost daily how lucky we are to have her. Everyone who sees her just melts, we cant walk 5 feet without someone OOOing and AWWWing over her.

I also wanted to mention that we drove from Annapolis, MD to Delta, PA to get her as we wanted to make sure the person we were purchasing her from was a good breeder, we all know the horror stories of puppy mills. The puppies were with their Momma in the warm barn with the horses and cows, very happy and very healthy and just loving life. No crates full of puppies and ignored breeding dogs. No crates at all. I actually felt guilty taking her from such a great place.

Ripley has started puppy obedience training and lights up everyones world when she enters the establishment. She’s doing amazingly well, we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to go with Landcaster Puppies and Elmer.