Our new puppy, Gunther

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Hello!!   I just wanted to tell you a little bit about our experience. My boyfriend, John, decided to surprise me with my very own german shepherd puppy for my birthday (my favorite breed). He snuck away while I was working to drive about 3 hours away to bring home "Gunther" and boy was I surprised! But completely excited!! He was 8 weeks old when he came home. I grew up around german shepherds all my life. Some family members are K-9 officers and have them and my parents have one also. I knew he would be a lot of work, but ready to take on the challenge. To my surprise, he is the greatest puppy I've ever had! So smart! So loving! Such a personality! And he barely ever has accidents in the house! He's great around other dogs of all sizes, loves people, and especially children! He is already very protective of John and I, as I already know they are great protectors of their owners.  All in all, I am so happy John picked you to give us our little "bundle of joy" :) and can't wait to get another addition in the near future.   attached are some pictures of gunther!   Sincerely,  


We got our puppy from LancasterPuppies.com

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This is Benny he is a Jack Russell mix Beagle, we bought him in May and he fits right in to our family, my Mom and I fell in love with him when we saw him on the website..
 And we take him every where we go and everyone just loves him... The funny thing is that he loves ice cubes...

Thank you Jill Martin and Lancaster for bringing us together.

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Sophie (formally Bailey)...Black Labradoodle.  Searching for a puppy after ours died.  I saw Bailey's picture and new she was the one!  Contacted Jill and sweet as can be!  Sophie (Bailey) was already 4 months, ideal for us.  Here we are almost 1 year later and love her to pieces!  Super energetic, SMART, loving!  Thank you Jill Martin and Lancaster for bringing us together.  Michelle in Macungie.

Our wonderful experience with My Home Kennels

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We just can't thank Irma Miller enough from Home Kennels for blessing us with a wonderful maltichon puppy, we named Gracie. We knew a maltichon dog is what we wanted, and found several websites, but Home Kennels seemed to be the most sincere and caring. As we purchased our puppy just three weeks ago, July 2, 2012, their website proved to be absolutely correct for we have  a very bright, healthy puppy that has brought alot of joy to our family. When we arrived at Irma Miller's home to purchase "Gracie", we were welcomed by Irma herself and her very polite three children. You could tell the raising of the pups is a family affair for they all expressed a passion of love for animals. The environment was one of cleanliness and friendly for a pup which made us very at ease when we got there. Irma presented herself as a professional by presenting all the necessary contracts and paperwork, along with a bag of dogfood and some other extras needed to start us off . Because a maltichon is a mixture of a maltese and bichon frise, the AKC doesn't necessarily recognize them as a "pure bred", so it can't be registared by them. But Irma was kind enough to find out how we can get some sort of registration papers, naming the breed of both parents, and just today the registration came in the mail. So we would highly recommend purchasing your puppy with Home Kennels.  Sincerely, Mark and Marcie Jaworski, Amherst, Ohio

We adopted an amazing Pug puppy

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We adopted an amazing Pug puppy, four months ago. Beanie (originally Dawn) has brought a whole new level of excitement to our house. Already including the 7 cats, lizard, and 2 dogs, she and the others get along very well. My daughter has had a lot of medical problems in the last 8 months and Beanie has been a wonderful companion to her. Beanie is energetic, playful, social, intelligent and one good snuggler. She is very healthy and happy at our home. Without Beanie, our lives would not be whole, for she has brought our family closer together and entertains us all day. We are so thankful to have come upon this website and hope to adopt  another puppy in the future.

Thanks, The Fields

"Gordon" now Max

We had purchased "Gordon" now named Max. He is such a delight and very smart as well as stubborn. He is full of energy and very playful. He is now learning to settle down and be a lap dog in the evening. He is settling into a routine and doesn't like his routine to change. He is a welcome addition to our family.

Our Sweet boy Hunter

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It's been a year since we got our sweet boy Hunter. He's a boxador. We wanted to be sure we picked the right dog for our family and he fits right in! We're so thankful for Lancaster Puppies and recommend the site to everyone. The family we visited was so gracious and let us spend alot of time with the puppies. It was a big help because he was from a litter of six males that looked exactly the same! Again, thank you and we are comfortable knowing we can rely on this site again when looking for a brother or sister for our sweet Hunter.   Best wishes, Kirsten, Tony and Hunter

Hello we purchased a Tri collie puppy from Henry in Mifflintown

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Hello  we purchased a  Tri collie puppy  from Henry in Mifflintown . We had a great experience through the whole process as we had a lot of questions  that Henry  willingly answered  for us .I have contacted henry since purchasing our pup Samuel Lancaster { Justin} as I needed to have some questions answered about his shots .Henry  always  calls back and he also treated us very nice when we  picked up our pup .he is a great addition to our home and  the four and a half hour trip one way was worth it.  Attached   is a pic of Samuel with our  two other collie kids Dakota  {on the left} who will be 2 in August and  Pax {on the right} who will be 12 in August .  Thank you  Henry.  Lou & Marie F.

Thanks to your website

Dear Lancaster Puppies,   Just wanted to say thanks to your website,we finally found a healthy, sweet, puppy. i had my concerns and did some probing, but once we met with owner and met the parents,saw the property we were convinced that it would be a wonderful puppy. Aaron Glick in Holtwood Pa, is a man who takes very good care of his shepherds. He only deals in shepherds. The parents are stunning and are hip certified. He spoke with us at length and allowed us to spend as much time with the puppies as we wanted. We saw where the sire and dam are kept, as well as the dam that greeted us upon arrival. We would not hesitate to buy from Mr. Glick again. I was very impressed with the temperment of his dogs as well. Since we brought home our "baby bear", a long coat male shepherd, he has been wonderful. We are so thrilled.

Thanks again. Linda from NY

Thank you for your service!

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I would like to start off by saying thank you for your service that you provide. It has been a year since my childhood dog has passed away and left a void in my life. Ever since then I’ve been searching for the perfect puppy. After months of searching my wife and I found Holly. Ever since we laid eyes on her picture we both fell in-love with her. We hired a Pet Transportation company by the name of Holm to Homes Transportation out of Cobleskill NY to pick up Holly and deliver her to her new home. I asked the transporter to just look around and let me know what she sees. I got a phone call and she told me that this breeder took good care of all his animals (dogs,horses,cows) and everyone looks healthy and very clean and happy. I was very happy when I got that phone call. The transporter sent me pictures of my new family member through her cell phone and we couldn’t have been happier. Holly was delivered to us on 4/7/12 and its been less than a week and she is great. She is very playful and gets along great with our Chihuahua. This has been a great experience for my wife and I and we couldn’t be happier. The only thing I would like to see changed on your service is updated puppy pictures, or indicate the date the pictures were taken.  Holly was a bit bigger when we got her from the first picture! Thank you Lancasterpuppies.com and Jesse the Breeder and Nina from Holm to Holmes Transportation.

Thank You

I would like to thank you for letting me know that there were sheltie puppies for adoption last month.  I lost my 17 year old sheltie Christy last July and have been heart broken ever since and enery time I looked at another sheltie I would cry byt then I looked at Flo and fell in love. I know she was the one so I called David and went to see her knowing the hole time I was going to take her home with me.   I have have her for almost 4 weeks and she is the light of my life, my husband and I can not thank you enough, she goes everywhere with me excapt work so you can see that she will be very spoiled and if I am so lucky to breed her her pupppies will as well. 

Thank You Again, Laurie

Waylon has helped heal my broken heart

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We lost our Chocolate lab of 11 years back in Sept 2011 and it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. I didnt think I would be able to get another dog but people kept telling me that getting a new puppy would help heal my broken heart. A few weeks later I went onto Lancaster Puppies and saw a beautiful litter of Chocolate labs for sale. One of them caught my eye and I had to go see him. I drove out to East Earl to see him and instead of the one I chose, someone else chose me. Waylon (who was named Al at the time) walked up to me and gave me puppy kisses and showed me that he wanted me to take him home. Ive never bought dogs from a breeder before so I was a little leary of the situation, but the Weavers' were extremely nice and answered any questions that I may have had. We went back around Thanksgiving to pick up Waylon once he was able to leave his mother. Waylon has helped heal my broken heart a little each day. Waylon is now 6 months old and is growing fast! If we ever decide to get Waylon a brother or sister, we will definetly come back to lancasterpuppies.com to find him or her. Also if anyone got one of the 9 pups from this litter and would like to meet up for a play date, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Would love to see how big his brothers and sisters are. The litter was born 9/22/11.