This is Toby. He's a Pomeranian/Rat Terrier mix...

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This is Toby. He's a Pomeranian-rat terrier mix. He has the smarts and the strut of the Pomeranian, the fiestiness and tenacity of the terrier, along with good looks from both sides of the family! People say he looks like a mini akita or shiba inu, or even like a dingo--definitely a conversation starter, he is! Take your pick, he's cute all around!

Your website made my daughter immensely happy...

Your web site made my daughter immensely happy. She found "Pepper" (red
mini dachs) on line. I promised her one almost a year ago. We finally have
settled in our new condo and she could wait no longer. We are very pleased
with "Prince Charles". Renamed during car ride home. He is showing my
daughter new tricks of compassion and caring. He has become a loved member
of our family. We are greatful to LancasterPuppies.Com and the Stultzfus'
for letting us purchase him. Thanks much!

Beagle puppy named Hunter

My husband and daughter surprised me with an adorable Beagle puppy named Hunter a few weeks ago. He found Hunter on Lancasterpuppies.com and I’m so happy they did. Hunter has been a joy to have around the house and is so playful with my 7 year old daughter. My husband already wants to expand our family and is looking forward to getting another puppy from you guys!!!

Sincerely, Lauren, Roger and Jasmine

Max (formerly Patch)

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We bought our adorable yorkiepoo Max (formerly Patch) from the Martin’s on September 24th, 2010. He is a great pup and adjusted to his new life very quickly! Max is a very smart and healthy pup that is providing much entertainment and love to our family. We find ourselves checking the website frequently to see if any new pups are listed! Thanks again!

We brought home our Bernese Mountain Dog pup Sophie

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We brought home our Bernese Mountain pup Sophie (formally Fritz) from Henry in Mifflintown on July 5th, 2010. It was over a three hour drive each way, but we didn't hesitate to make the trip. She's a beautiful, healthy, perfect puppy that's quickly growing up and we couldn't be happier with her! She's brightened up our lives and we'd be happy to make another purchase through this site in the future!

Our Adorable Chloe

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For a while now I have wanted to submit a testimonial about our wonderful experience buying a dog through LancasterPuppies.com. In the summer of '09, my husband and I decided to adopt our first puppy. We fell in love with the picture of Chloe (bichapoo) and decided to contact Omar. We made the 3 1/2 hour journey from Long Island, NY to Paradise, Pennsylvania to meet our Chloe. Everything worked out so smoothly and has been ever since. Chloe is gentle, obedient and was soooo easy to train.

We got a new Havanese puppy from New Holland, Pa....

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We got a new Havanese puppy from New Holland Pa after losing 2 Havanese dogs we had for over 14 years. This puppy, Gracie,(Sophie) is the most well trained pup we ever got. She is adorable and she is a people pet. Havanese are wonderful pets for all ages, easy to train, and as a bonus they do not shed. I am so glad we found Gracie and a big thanks to J and L Pets for doing such a super job with the puppies.-Regina E.

We adopted our little Teacup Chihuahua, Chowder (formerly "Monte") just yesterday.

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We adopted our little Teacup Chihuahua, Chowder (formerly "Monte") just yesterday. We LOVE him like crazy! He's spoiled rotten. He is such a great little puppy. He is very playful and smart and gets along well with our Maltese, Ajax. The adoption was very pleasant. When we got there, Henry greeted us at our car and talked shortly about the puppy. When he brought the puppy out he was even cuter than his picture! We highly recommend adopting puppies from Henry. He was VERY nice and helpful and his puppies are very healthy. We'd buy from him again. -Amy and Jared G.

This is Sarge, my German Shepherd puppy.

This is Sarge, my German Shepherd puppy. I live in Northeast PA, and traveled 31/2 hrs. to get him. Although the trip was an adventure, he was well worth it. I bought him home Wednesday the 12th. of May. He's been really good with potty training, and already knows when he wants to go outside. He's very smart, follows me all over, and loves to be outside. He's shown me his protection instincts already, but also loves my two young grandchildren.

We are so thankful we stumbled upon this site and found Roscoe...

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We purchased Roscoe (also know as Simon) from the Millers in February. He has been the perfect addition to our family. He is truly a gentle giant and LOVES our children! We are so thankful we stumbled upon this site and found Roscoe and the Millers!

The Vingless Family

Goldendoodle Puppy!

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I just got my goldendoodle today and I love him so much. The whole process was great and I'm happy. Thank you Lancaster Puppies.com for showing good and Nice bred dogs! - taylor

Bulldog Puppy!

We found our bulldog puppy on your website. She is wonderful and we love her so much already. The family we bought her from were so helpful and very accommodating. I would recommend your website and this family to anyone I know..thanks again for the newest edition to our family..

Forever in your debt,
Howard & Michelle