Puppy from testimonial by Annette Perez.

The people were very nice and welcoming. They returned phone calls promptly. And answered all my questions. I would recommend this breeder.


Puppy from testimonial by Patti Harris.

From beginning to end my seller Owen and his son were wonderful. Answered any questions I had, help me with a safe meeting place to obtain my new fur baby. And even though our sale is complete, he has still made his self available for any extra questions I have had since my purchase. Would recommend them and looking to go back and get a boy soon. Can't say enough about how smooth they made the process. Thank to him I was able to get exactly the lil girl I wanted. And at the right price. Thank you so much again.


Puppy from testimonial by Lisa Birch.

Thank you Lancaster Puppies I had a wonderfully positive experience finding the perfect pup through your website. I had to say goodbye to a 12 year old Yorkiepoo in October. I wasn’t quite ready to open my heart and home to another pup until I spotted this beautiful little Yorkiepoo in mid December. The seller was very honest and kind, very responsive and understood my concern about buying a puppy before ever meeting her. I only saw photographs that were posted and the seller graciously sent me a video, which sealed the deal. I was so lucky in so many ways but mostly because I listened to my heart. From my first contact with the seller, and the delivery of my little puppy, everything went smoothly. The transport service was also very professional and reliable. Happy beyond my wildest dreams.

Penny Lane

Puppy from testimonial by Linda Glass.

I purchased a puppy from Miriam and David Zook in Pennsylvania the purchase process and shipping process was extremely easy. I am in love with my new gorgeous puppy who is already sleeping through the night and almost potty trained. She is a mix between poodle, cavalier and Shih Tzu named Penny Lane. I live in California so the shipping was extremely important. I would highly recommend this website and these breeders. And I love love love the new addition to my family.

Lacey the German Shepherd

Puppy from testimonial by Joanie Kelley.

We had a wonderful experience with Lancaster Puppies. After having trouble finding any local family German Shepherd Dog breeders near our home, my daughter found Lancaster Puppies online. It was easy to use and customize our search. They had plenty of reputable breeders and choices for us to find the one German Shepherd puppy that was right for us. We found "Lacey" on a beautiful Amish farm in the northern MD countryside. Two days later she is in her forever home with us in Southern DE.


Puppy from testimonial by Glenn Culp.

Found a very good family that raise the breed that we were looking for and found a gold mine and love my new family member.


Puppy from testimonial by Terry Kissinger.

All things are great. The puppy was a bit chunky, but that puppy weight will go away in no time. The folks at Lancaster Puppies were very friendly and everything was easy. Thank you greatly!

Gyspy the Sheepadoodle

Puppy from testimonial by Jeff Valentine.

Had a great experience using Lancaster Puppies to locate our next forever fur baby. My wife and I found an awesome couple that has been breeding Sheepadoodles and we fell in love with Gypsy right away. Wanda responded quickly to our inquiry as to what puppies were still available, as well as setting up an appointment. Dan, her husband had a video of the litter at play and you could tell that they were all very healthy, loved, and cared for. All pups come with a clean bill of health, all shots, and microchipped. Wanda even was kind enough to accommodate the request of a toy Gypsy had played with and offered to include a blanket with her mommas scent on it to help our new little one feel safe and secure in her new home. I would highly recommend this sight to locate your next BFF dog or as we say in our home “person in a dog suit” :)

Poppy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Puppy from testimonial by Crystal Minnix.

Lancaster Puppies was a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and honest. I have been scammed in the past and was very cautious, but they were EXCELLENT!!!! Highly recommend to anyone wanting a Cavalier King Charles like ours! Very healthy and happy when we picked her up!!! Would love to come back in the future! Meet Poppy!!!! She will be loved!!!

Pepper the Cavapoo

Puppy from testimonial by Cheryl Chandler.

We are impressed. They did a great job with puppies. We feel that it is much better than any stores as like pet stores and Mall shopping center because of puppy mills. That is what our kids bought the Cavapoo puppy from the mall. End up she had kennel cough, and disability. But she had a good life and was 14 half years old. We loved and miss our beautiful Boostie the Cavapoo. We love Cavapoo that sweet, snuggles, cuddles, etc. So we decided to look at the Lancaster Puppies - Cavapoo to try out. We bought Pepper the Cavapoo from Lancaster Puppies last summer. She is healthy and good shape. She will be one year old in a few weeks. We bought another Cinny (stand for cinnamon) the Cavapoo for Pepper’s playmate.

Puppy Baxter

Puppy from testimonial by Thomas Crawford.

Jay was very helpful and he was able to tell me about the puppy Baxter. I would have no problems with getting another one from Lancaster Puppies.


Puppy from testimonial by Bethany Frater.

I've bought 2 dogs and my sister in law has as well. I cannot emphasize the love these dogs have!!! Lavern is such a good seller. I called him last minute and he was available for me! Thank you for your time and love you give these babies!