Puppy from testimonial by Kenneth Satterlee.

Anna Miller is amazing and could not ask for a better breeder! Extremely loving household with amazing and clean pet breeding facilities. Not a flea or tick or speck of dirt found on the puppy. Puppy has never had an accident and has been peeing on pads the second we brought her home. I have three kids and not so much as a nip from this well loved and cared for puppy.


Puppy from testimonial by Judy M.

We purchased a Maltipoo puppy from Samuel Glick in May 2021. We are so incredibly happy with our puppy! She was already pretty well house trained. In the month we’ve had her, she’s only had a handful of accidents in the house. She is healthy, happy, and we’re so thrilled to have her as a part of our family!



Puppy from testimonial by Lauri Rohaley.

We found the love of our lives on www.lancasterpuppies.com and couldn’t be happier! The breeder in PA was just wonderful. Our little Mia has been a joy (and a lot of work!!!) but we wouldn’t trade her for the world.


Puppy from testimonial by Mary Lefcourt.

We bought a Jack Russell from Elsie Miller last year. Our Indie is the best puppy we ever had. Smart, healthy loves children and other animals. Elsie’s puppies are amazing.


Puppy from testimonial by Dean & Kathy Pocius.

After the passing of our beloved pug of 15 years, I found another female from a great breeder. Meticulously documented records! And due diligence for animals welfare. Best pet experience of my life, at a time needed most.
Lynette (aka Lily), An answer to our prayers! Thank you Owen Yoder!


Puppy from testimonial by Celista Morris.

We recently purchased Scout from the Beachy family in Dundee Ohio. Kris Beachy and her husband did everything possible to accommodate us. I had a pleasant buying experience and got a quality puppy. He has been a perfect addition to our family. The Beachy’s are a perfect breeder to work with. I highly recommend.

Cane Corso Puppy

Puppy from testimonial by Carl and Lauren Criscuoli.

Steve Byler, breeder for Cane Corso puppies, is the BEST breeder - hands down - that we have ever encountered. His puppies are top notch, gorgeous, and have a wonderful demeanor. We purchased a Cane Corso pup from Steve after we found him on LancasterPuppies.com, and he and his family went above and beyond to help us. Steve is an honest man who is an encyclopedia on the bloodlines and care of his pups. There is no better breeder for cane Corso pups-Period. Our family HIGHLY recommends Steve and his Cane Corsos to anyone looking for them. They are truly top notch Cane Corsos and you will not be disappointed if you buy a pup from Steve Byler. Thank you, Steve! The world would be a better place if every breeder was like you!

Kuro the Welsh Corgi

Puppy from testimonial by SF.

 Kuro is a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi we found here. She was one of a kind amongst her siblings in the litter she came from. What makes her so special is the breeder we adopted her from did not dock her tail at birth which was a top priority in my search for my new family member. She is spunky, rambunctious, and fearless at 14 weeks. She has brought nothing but joy to me and my family. The breeder, John, was very accommodating. Kuro was born on his family farm in Atglen, PA. Being we were from out of state and our busy schedule, we could get the time to drive to the family until two weeks after we spoke with John. He agreed to holding Kuro for us for a small deposit, while I had to mail. We contacted John some days later to find out he received our deposit. He didn’t cash it until final preparations were made to pick Kuro up. Once we got there, we were greeted by John, his beautiful family, and our new family member. I paid the rest of the fee in cash and we received Kuro, shot records, and some food. It was a very smooth process.


Puppy from testimonial by Fermando Amado.

Great experience!! We love our new puppy! Everything was extremely professional, from the day we purchased the puppy until we got it! the transportation to our home was exceptional.

Australian Shepherd

Puppy from testimonial by Dillin Alexander.

My fiancé and I purchased a puppy from Homer and Emma Troyer of Cedar Hill puppy haven located in Mifflinstown, PA. The puppy was well taken care of and came with zero health issues or concerns. The location of the home their are raised in is well kept and clean. They are legitimate Amish Australian Shepard breeders who provide full breed information on mother and father.

Oji The Shiba Inu

Puppy from testimonial by Racheal Quintana.

So happy with our Oji (formerly Porter). Smart, healthy and a handsome boy. A great addition to our home and with us 1 year this week. Came to us loving yogurt and chicken fed by the breeder and still enjoys these treats! Thank you.

Otis the Shichon

Puppy from testimonial by Bec Zaheri.

Over the years we have bought a reasonable number of pups from out of state breeders. By far, this has been the best experience we've ever had with a breeder. Wil and Dorothy Rogers care very much about their pups and went out of their way to answer questions and share detailed information. I highly recommend them! The Shichon puppy we bought from them has an amazing temperament and is the cutest little bundle of fur we could have asked for. SO much love for lil boy!